Pressmetall before the end: 504 employees are given notice – Gunzenhausen


The terminations will be pronounced in December –
December 2nd, 2020 3:21 pm

Before the closure: At Pressmetall Gunzenhausen, production begins. The works council and the union want to keep fighting to keep the Gunzenhausen company and the 500 jobs and are still looking for an investor.

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This is the consequence after the last remaining investor withdrew from the bidding process. The reason for the withdrawal after months of intensive negotiations is the significantly reduced number of requests from main customers, some of which had corrected them down by half, said Ingo Schorlemmer, the press spokesman for the Stuttgart law firm Schultze & Braun. This resulted in an “unplanned additional liquidity requirement in the millions” for the coming financial year at Pressmetall. The investor did not want to bear this risk.

“This result is a serious shock for us and for the entire workforce. We were all very confident that, after the press metal works in Hoym, we would also find a good solution for the Gunzenhausen location”, commented restructuring consultant Detlef Specovius from Schultze & Braun in the Press release. “Since Pressmetall in Gunzenhausen has no prospects without an investor, we had no choice but to start production.”

Creditors’ committee votes for the closure

According to the press release, the creditors’ committee had also spoken out in favor of closing the site if there was no investor in Gunzenhausen.
Administrator Dr. Stefan Debus from Müller-Heydenreich, Bierbach & Kollegen (Nuremberg) thanks the employees for their commitment over the past few months: “It wasn’t because of them,” he said literally. The employees showed full commitment under difficult conditions in this pandemic and fought for their jobs. The same applies to the works council and the union, which “were always closely involved in the investor process and supported us in the negotiations”.

In March, the renovation process was started on one’s own responsibility

For Isabella Stanko, the fight hasn’t stopped either. “We will still try to find an investor,” emphasized the chairman of the works council Altmühl-Boten. The works council made contact with Gunzenhausen’s mayor Karl-Heinz Fitz, District Administrator Manuel Westphal, the Bavarian state parliament and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Financial aid has been promised – but “we need an investor” for this.

Corona inhibits money investors

The chances of finding it are not good, however, as Horst Schmitzberger, political secretary at IG Metall in Schwabach, knows. Because because of Corona, the “money investors are very, very careful”. And of course the transformation of the auto industry is also contributing a considerable part to the misery, explains the unionist when asked by our newspaper.
Giving up is not Schmitzberger’s business. IG Metall will continue to try to find an investor. The only chance left is to find someone from the industry for whom PMG would be an addition to his company’s production line.

The most attractive employers in the greater Nuremberg area

Which employer shapes their region, who shows social responsibility, who is often recommended: The Statista data analysts wanted to know exactly. The results for the greater Nuremberg area are now available. International giants like Siemens – and some local champions – made it into the top group of the most attractive employers.

The 504 employees in Gunzenhausen will be given notice in December. For the trainees, the works council and the trade union are currently looking for ways to bring their apprenticeship to a good end in companies in the region.
According to Ingo Schorlemmer, negotiations are underway with the works council on a social plan and a reconciliation of interests. Existing orders are still being processed in Gunzenhausen. If a last-minute rescuer is not found, the lights in the plant in Alemannenstrasse will probably go out for good at the end of March next year.

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