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Potsdam – He came from Syria as a refugee and became a YouTube star with provocative Internet videos. Now the public prosecutor is investigating Fayed Kanfash (26) from Luckenwalde. Because of the glorification of violence.

At the beginning of November Kanfash became known nationwide: disguised as a sheikh, he led a man wearing the mask of French President Emanuel Macron on a rope through Neukölln. Berlin’s attorney general checked in vain: freedom of art!

With a deceptively real weapon, the YouTuber rushes at the man disguised as a police officer in his video

Photo: Fayed Kanfash

But the authorities are not kidding about the Syrian’s latest videos: In it, Kanfash and his fellow actors are chasing men in police uniforms. The Arabs overpower and “shoot” the “police” – with deceptively real alarm weapons. Then they take clothes and equipment from them.

Apparently to avoid prosecution, Kanfash fades in the “warning” on plaques in German and Arabic at the beginning and end of the hunting video: “Please do not imitate the seriousness of the situation / And please contact the German government and the police / With all due respect ”.

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In the video, clothes and equipment are removed from the police officer

Photo: Fayed Kanfash

That doesn’t convince the real law enforcement officers. “The state security is investigating because of the videos,” says Brandenburg police spokesman Torsten Herbst to BILD, “we have reported Mr. Kanfash to the Cottbus Internet public prosecutor for glorifying violence.”

In addition, the Potsdam public prosecutor determined against the Syrian. Police spokesman Herbst: “We reported him on suspicion of violating the gun law. In addition, other criminal offenses come into question. “

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It was not until early November that Kanfash drew attention to himself with this hate campaign, drove a friend disguised as Emmanuel Macron tied up through Neukölln and then burned a Macron mask

Photo: Youtube / Fayez Kanfash

This obviously means social fraud. The “Welt am Sonntag” had told Kanfash that he lives on Hartz IV – but earns up to 1000 euros a month with his Internet films. The sum seems understated: the Syrian has more than a million subscribers on YouTube.

190,000 people saw the “police hunt”. Incredible: every tenth viewer thought the violent film was “good”. Following the “WamS” request, YouTube removed all commercials from the video.

On Wednesday, Brandenburg’s Interior Minister Michael Stübgen (CDU) wants to comment on the Syrian’s violent videos in the Potsdam state parliament. The red-black-green state government still wants to introduce the law against hatred on the Internet into parliament.

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