Protest movement: Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has been jailed for 13.5 months


Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has to go to jail. The 24-year-old was sentenced to 13.5 months in prison in Hong Kong.

In June the previous year, Wong helped organize a meeting outside Hong Kong Police Headquarters. In 2019, anti-government protests took place almost every day in Hong Kong.

His colleagues Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam also have to go to jail for ten and seven months, respectively.

It is already the third prison sentence for the young activist. After the “umbrella protests” in 2014, he had to spend several months in custody twice. As a 17-year-old, he became the face of the student protests at the time, but he was not a leading figure in the often violent protests last year, as the Reuters news agency writes.

The protests were sparked by the increasing influence of China on the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Over 10,000 people were arrested during the protests. Since then, the Hong Kong authorities have stepped up their crackdown on the democracy movement.

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