PSA used car brand: Spoticar will start in Germany in 2021


With the introduction of a uniform quality label, the PSA Group wants to further expand its used car business in Europe. Talks with trade organizations have started in Germany.

The PSA Group is pushing the market launch of the used car brand “Spoticar” in Germany. The French carmaker announced in Rüsselsheim that talks with the trade organizations of the Peugeot, Citroën and Opel brands have started. The first sales partners are currently being informed of the details. The official launch of the GW program should take place in 2021, it said.

“We are convinced that with Spoticar we are creating a leading offer on the market that offers growth opportunities for our company and our trading partners in the lucrative business with used vehicles – both in terms of volume and income,” said PSA Germany boss Amaury de Bourmont . Almost half of all used cars sold in this country are sold through a brand label. They want to take advantage of this trend.

Spoticar is set to become PSA’s central used car brand in Europe. According to the information, it will initially be introduced in ten countries as a uniform label for the Group’s volume brands. That means: The previous concepts “Peugeot quality used cars”, “Citroën Select” and “Opel certified used cars” will be abandoned. Only the “DS Certified” label from the premium supplier DS Automobiles will remain in Germany.

It was initially unclear what costs the retailers would incur through the introduction of the brand and standardization. Rather, PSA emphasized the added value for the car dealerships, including a uniform branding, central marketing and a customer-oriented online sales platform ( In addition, organizational simplifications should bring synergies compared to the current list with the different GW brands.

“With Spoticar, Groupe PSA will significantly simplify the shopping experience for used car customers in Germany and make it more attractive – also through expanded digital offers. That is the right answer in a highly competitive and highly digitized market,” said de Bourmont. The customer promises with a vehicle guarantee of up to 24 months with no mileage restrictions are currently the strongest performance promises compared to the competition. (rp)

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