Queen shows only one picture at Christmas speech


Every year the Queen gives a speech on Christmas Day. The photos that the monarch placed on the table are at least as important – and they will surprise you this year.

Photo series with 32 pictures

In her traditional Christmas speech, Queen Elizabeth II encouraged grieving and grieving people. “You are not alone,” said the British monarch in the address broadcast on Friday. For many, the Christmas season is colored by misery and mourning for loved ones, others are missing friends and family who could not be with them because of the coronavirus pandemic, said the 94-year-old.

“You are sure of my thoughts and prayers”

The only thing they really want at Christmas is a hug or a handshake. “If you are one of these people, then you are not alone and you are sure of my thoughts and prayers,” said the Queen. The Queen also praised the work of volunteers during the pandemic: “Good Samaritans have appeared across society and have shown care and respect for everyone.”

The Queen chose a purple dress for her appearance, combined with a pearl necklace and pearl earrings. As every year, there was a Christmas tree behind the monarch. Only one thing was different this year: There were hardly any pictures on her table. Only one small portrait photo of Prince Philip was put up.

Nine months of lockdown with Prince Philip

Last year there were Prince William with his whole family or Prince Charles with his wife Camilla. In 2018 even Harry and Meghan could be seen. The pictures usually represent the most important events of the year. But in 2020 everything will be different. And so the queen chose only one picture.

The photo of Prince Philip reflects that she, too, shut down all her contacts during the lockdown. The 94-year-old and her five-year-old husband had said goodbye to Buckingham Palace in the spring and moved to their castle in Windsor together. They have been in isolation together for nine months. They also spent Christmas without any family members.

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