“Querdenker” march against the media in Berlin is a flop


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With a “march” on media houses in Berlin, “lateral thinkers” demonstrate again against Corona measures. Meanwhile, their loyalty to the constitution is being debated.

  • The “Lateral thinker” want to protest against the media in Berlin.
  • It’s about the corona reporting of the capital’s editors.
  • A large demonstration was banned in Bremen.

+++ 1.40 p.m .: The #Medienmarsch in Berlin did not attract the amount of protests that the organizers had expected. Around 70 people should go through Berlin center be drawn to the media “lie” regarding her Corona reporting accuse. The organizers had registered around 200 people for the demonstration.

The demonstrators accused journalists of being one-sided about the Corona-Pandemie to report and to spread “complete misinformation”. In addition, “only the federal government is heard by the media”, criticized participants. One speaker called for a “fair democratic dialogue with professionals whom we trust”.

“Querdenker” with a march on media in Berlin

Berlin – The “Lateral thinker” want on Wednesday (02/02/2020) again in Berlin against the Corona measures and the related reporting on the street. A march to the Berlin media houses is planned, starting at the ZDF capital city studio.

Then they want to pay a visit to the Funke central editorial office, on the route of the “Lateral thinker“Are also the buildings of the Berliner Tagesspiegel, the ARD capital studio, the Spiegel and the TAZ. The German Association of Journalists (DJV) classifies the action as an attempt to intimidate the press. “Those who run there are trampling on the freedom of the press,” it says on Twitter.

In Bremen, a large demonstration by the “lateral thinkers” has been banned for the coming weekend (December 5th, 2020). The risk of a crowd that is unlikely to be adequately addressed Corona protection measures hold, be too big.

“Unconventional thinker”: The protection of the constitution should check movement

Meanwhile, demands are being made, the group from Constitutional Protectionz to have checked. If it were up to the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, the so-called “lateral thinkers” movement would become a test case for the protection of the constitution. “I would be of the opinion that ‘Lateral thinking‘should actually become a test case for the protection of the constitution ”, said Schuster in the ARD. The anti-Semitism commissioner of the Bavarian state government, Ludwig Spaenle, made similar statements.

What about the “Lateral thinkers” being articulated and said, “goes far beyond what you can expect in a democracy freedom of expression should and must accept, ”said Schuster. The President of the Central Council, who lives in Würzburg, also demanded that so-called Jewish stars on the demos prosecute. These are “completely hideous comparisons” that do not stand up to serious consideration and investigation.

“Lateral thinkers” currently not in the focus of the protection of the constitution

The Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann (CSU) had previously stated that the constitutional protection’s formal statutory observation mandate for the “lateral thinking” movement had not yet been opened. “Should there be any actual evidence of extremist efforts in the future ‘Think outside the box’ movement or other groups are present, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution will of course start monitoring, and immediately, “he told the RND.

Schuster also expressed concern that the planned “Defensive Democracy Law” could no longer be implemented during this legislative period. He worries that the recently adopted 89 measures with a new legislative period “could disappear in some drawer of the German Bundestag”. “If we really want to do something against increasing right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism, and racism, then we must implement precisely these proposals,” said Schuster. (ktho / epd)

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