Quiet night after the “lateral thinkers” meeting in Frankfurt


Frankfurt / Main – After some supporters of the “lateral thinking” initiative had gathered in Frankfurt on Saturday despite the ban on demonstrations, police said it remained quiet on Sunday night. “There were no further meetings,” said a police spokesman on Sunday. Nevertheless, the police were also on the way to control during the night. “We had enough strength on duty,” said the police spokesman. “We had to be prepared for everything.”

Despite the ban on the demonstration confirmed by the Federal Constitutional Court, according to the police, “a handful” of “lateral thinkers” came to Frankfurt on Saturday to demonstrate against the Corona measures. They had also faced around 450 counter-demonstrators. In the meantime, the mood became more charged when both groups met at the main station in the city center, as a police spokesman reported on Saturday. The officers threatened the use of water cannons, but were able to separate the groups.

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