Rainbow Six Siege – Now you can shoot from 16


Ubisoft was able to achieve a new examination of Rainbow Six Siege by the USK, which is now approved for ages 16 and up. Previously, the shooter was aimed exclusively at adults.

Rainbow Six Siege was released on December 1, 2015 with a USK 18 rating and, with its focus on tactics and team play, was able to build a strong and committed community in five years, which this year broke an important milestone of 60 million players worldwide. The passion for the Rainbow Six universe is now further enriched and expanded by fan movies, comics, cosplays, merchandise and podcasts.

“We are pleased that USK has taken advantage of the continuous development of Rainbow Six Siege over the past five years,” says Karsten Jahn, Sales & Marketing Director GSA. “In interaction with the rapidly growing community, the focus of the game has increasingly focused on intensive multiplayer competitions with great tactical depth and strategic demands, which enabled the title to be re-examined and approved for those aged 16 and over.”

Also built in the field of esports Rainbow Six Siege has had a passionate community of fans and players over the years and is one of the biggest titles in e-sports. With the annual “Six Invitational” and internationally organized leagues Rainbow Six Siege a strong global network for esports fans around the world. The restructuring of the e-sports program at the beginning of 2020 also brought the local competitions more into focus.

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