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In the morning, according to the Bitstamp trading platform, a Bitcoin cost US $ 28,599 at times – more than ever before. Bitcoin is currently still well above the mark of 28,000 US dollars, which it first crossed on Sunday, but was initially unable to defend.

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Bitcoin’s soaring this year is breathtaking. Started at around $ 8,000, the price initially fell to less than $ 4,000 during the first Corona wave in spring. Then began a slow increase that accelerated sharply in the fall. Bitcoin has been skyrocketing since the beginning of November. During this time, the price has more than doubled. Bitcoin is the oldest and by far the best-known digital currency. Experts had recently estimated the market capitalization to be around $ 500 billion.

There is no suitable reason for the rise in Bitcoin to the current record high shortly before the turn of the year. For the recent soaring, however, the market repeatedly claims that the digital currency has recently come more into the focus of large financial investors and is in greater demand. Above all, the announcement of the payment service PayPal that it would allow its customers to pay with Bitcoins resulted in an enormous surge in demand.

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However, experts also warn of the extreme price fluctuations that can be observed time and again with Bitcoin. Three years ago, the rate of the digital currency collapsed by around 70 percent in a short time.

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