Rare family reunion: Royals meet at a distance


Updated December 9, 2020, 11:30 a.m.

  • For two days, Prince William and Duchess Kate were on the “Royal Train” through Great Britain.
  • Your last stop was a very special one.
  • They visited Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla at Windsor Castle.

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Prince William and Duchess Kate have made one last special stop on their “Christmas Express” tour that has taken them across the UK by train. They met at Windsor Castle Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Sophie of Wessex. The Members of the British Royal Family celebrated with it rare family reunion in the corona pandemic. The Queen has not previously been seen at a public meeting with her family since the pandemic began in March, according to the Daily Mail.

Prinz Philip, the Queen’s husband, was absent from the public appearance in Windsor. The couple retired there after the pandemic broke out. Together, the royals said thank you after a music serenade in front of the doors of the castle among the volunteers and employees of charity organizationswho help people through the Christmas season, it says on Twitter. For the special occasion, the head of the British royal family chose one festive look: The Queen appeared in a coat and hat in Christmas red.

Royale train tour to say thank you

Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate delighted in the past few days with their two-day train tour that they took with the Royal Train, the private train run by the British royal family, covered. On the Journey through England, Scotland and Wales The royal couple met with health and care staff, volunteers, teachers, students and young people and talked to them about their “experiences, sacrifices and inspiring achievements in this challenging year,” as the palace announced in advance.
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The royals were not spared from the privations of the Corona year. Britain’s Prince William therefore has a clear message for the coming year.

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