Record and suspicious: eight-year-old becomes “Fortnite” professional


Updated on December 8, 2020, 2:28 p.m.

  • An eight year old gets a professional esports contract and $ 33,000.
  • In “Fortnite” tournaments he should only start at 13.
  • Skeptics suspect a PR stunt behind the action.

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For Joseph Deen a childhood dream came true. And that already during his childhood. He is just eight years old “Fortnite“Become a professional.

His achievements in Battle-Royale-Shooter fell the sportsTeam “Team 33“more than positive. Now he should use the nickname”33 Gosu“as the youngest member. For the 2021 season, the eSports team, which was only founded in 2020, is planning not only” Fortnite “events, but also participation in tournaments in” CS: GO “,” Dota 2 “,” Call of Duty “and” Valorant ” .

PR gag or dream career?

“A dream comes true,” said Joseph Deen in a press release on himself published on PR Newswire. Team 33 explains that they have been in contact with the boy for two years and have already trained together.

“Young players are the future,” says Tyler Gallagher, one of the founders. “Joseph has an incredible amount of talent.” The eight-year-old’s new place of work is ready for Hollywood in the truest sense of the word: The “House 33“in the Hollywood Hills has long been known as an artist residence.

In addition to e-athletes and streamers, there have also been musicians like in the luxury villa Drake, DMX or Post Malone present. Now it should also serve as a “first-class training facility for gamers”.

Only “Fortnite” training, no tournaments

Skeptics suspect that there is one behind the child’s obligation PR-Stunt. Because Joseph Deen can initially only participate in the training squad: For most “Fortnite” –Tournaments the minimum age is currently included 13 years.

After all, the career of the little king of marksmen begins with the proud one One-time payment of $ 33,000 and a $ 5,000 gaming setup. The team is currently not revealing how high the monthly salary for the junior player will be.

The future will tell whether the PR campaign was more than just an attempt to draw attention to the as yet unknown Team 33.

Founder Tyler Gallagher also runs an “alternative currency” company and plans to announce an official line-up of his team in 2021. The community views the venture with skepticism. There has already been criticism from an eSports lawyer Ryan Fairchild who uses Twitter to point out other eSports teams that violate the age guidelines for the employment of minors. (ch)
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