Reports of long-term effects: Covid-19 could trigger erectile dysfunction


Long-term consequences reports
Covid-19 could trigger erectile dysfunction

For most people, Covid 19 disease takes a mild to moderate course – but even in these cases there have been reports of long-term effects. The phenomenon called “Long Covid” should also lead to erectile dysfunction. A US doctor sees a connection with other symptoms.
Little is known about the long-term consequences of Covid-19. But more and more studies are providing evidence that even with a comparatively mild course, the sick can suffer for weeks or even months from the after-effects of an infection. The phenomenon has already been named “Long Covid”. Experts believe that around ten to 20 percent of those infected could be affected. The symptoms observed so far include headache, tiredness, aching limbs, breathing problems or persistent disturbance of the sense of smell or taste. But reports of erectile dysfunction are also increasing.

So told the doctor Dr. Dena Grayson told the US broadcaster NBC that in some cases Covid-19 disease could have long-term consequences in the form of erectile dysfunction in men – i.e. erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction. “We already know that it causes problems with the blood vessels. This is something that is really cause for concern.” The coronavirus can not only be fatal, it can also result in lifelong complications, Grayson said.

Prof. Dr. Gernot Rohde, head of the post-Covid outpatient clinic at the University Hospital in Frankfurt am Main, knows of a “quite relevant proportion” among the patients who report erectile dysfunction. “Corona shows very different images than what we know from other respiratory infections,” said Rohde last week in the NDR Info Podcast Coronavirus Update.

“Not surprising”

Dr. Georg-Christian Zinn, Director Hygiene Center Bioscientia, is not surprised by the connection between corona and erectile dysfunction: “What we are learning is that Covid-19 is a systemic disease that not only affects the lungs. The neurological system and the blood vessels are attacked, and in this respect, erectile dysfunction or other neurological symptoms are relatively likely to be seen. In this respect, it is not surprising, “he explains in an interview with RTL / ntv.

How exactly this long-term consequence comes about, however, has to be investigated more closely. “It can of course also be that people are broken after suffering from Covid 19,” said Zinn. On the other hand, it could be vascular problems or neurological problems that have also been observed in the heart or the central nervous system. “That is very complex and, in my opinion, needs to be examined in detail.”

According to previous knowledge, Covid-19 takes a mild to moderate course in around 80 percent of cases – especially in children, adolescents and younger, healthy adults. Only about 15 percent of those affected get so seriously ill that they have to be treated in a clinic, another 5 percent even have to be artificially ventilated in an intensive care unit.

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