Rewe: Revolution at the checkout – what customers have to be prepared for


At the end of the year, Rewe is offering its customers a new service: Scan & Go. What sounds innovative at first glance is actually several months old. Another supermarket was a pioneer.

Cologne – Fast and Contact-reduced payment is trendy. More and more people are doing without cash – especially during the corona pandemic. Rewe take advantage of this trend and jump on the bandwagon – albeit with a delay.

Companies Rewe
Seat Cologne, Germany
Employee 140.000
founding 1927

Rewe: New payment system starts – “Scan & Go” can do that

The latest payment system the retail giant is called „Scan & Go“ and should make shopping easier for customers and Accelerate payment processes at the checkout. But how does it work? Quite simply: Customers can scan their groceries while walking through the market – either with a hand scanner or optionally with their own smartphone and then place the products in the shopping cart.

Another Scanning the food is not necessary. Instead, payments are made at a so-called express checkout with a self-checkout terminal.

Rewe is testing a new payment system – shopping should become faster and easier

“It is currently already possible in almost 50 REWE stores nationwide to complete purchases conveniently and independently. […] We are adding more self-scanners every week. In other words, the time for innovative technology is ripe, to roll out the service more and to offer it to an even larger customer base. We are stepping on the gas here and will be offering Scan & Go nationwide in around 100 REWE stores in the next few weeks, ”says Peter Maly, Vice President Sales at Rewe.

Previous experience has shown that regular customers in particular have the neuen „Scan & Go“ to use. The reason is the “easy handling” with the Scanner or smartphone and the many advantages that new payment system would bring with it. Customers would save a lot of time with the new service, especially when making large purchases. But what happens to the cashiers?

Rewe will be introducing a new payment system called Scan & Go at the end of 2020.

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Introduction of Scan & Go at Rewe: cashiers should keep their jobs

They should be loud Rewe keep their job. Regardless of Scan & Go every Rewe store that offers the payment system would keep its normal tills. Should the need for staff there nevertheless fall, would Rewe the cashiers service tasks, customer-oriented advice as well as the maintenance of the product range and the range design entrust. It remains to be seen whether this will also be implemented.

Scan & Go at Rewe: The idea behind the new payment system is not new

Rewe himself speaks in connection with Scan & Go of “innovation leadership in German food retailing”. But is that really the case? The idea behind the new payment system is not really innovative.

Edeka had already tested the “Easy Shopper” as a pilot project in selected branches in the Minden-Hanover business area in Lower Saxony in the spring of this year. It is a shopping cart that you can use – similar to the Scan & Go – the goods directly in Market scans and she at the cash register only has to pay by barcode.

Video: Coronavirus: Contactless payment by card can be expensive!

Contact-reduced shopping: Easy Shopper at Edeka – mobile payment at Lidl and Netto

The pilot was apparently so successful that the Easy Shopper have now become an integral part of the new Edeka centers in Wolfsburg and Bremen. The only disadvantage: customers outside the Minden-Hanover business area have not yet been able to use the smart shopping cart.

By the way: Also at the Globus supermarkets and at Penny (part of the Rewe Group) you can now use Scan & Go pay. The system works the same for both retailers as it does at Rewe.

Other discounters such as Lidl and Netto offer contactless payment via app, but you still have to shop at the Scan the cash register to let.

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