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RTL reporter Linda makes the veggie self-experiment


December 20, 2020 – 4:57 pm Clock

Mama pounds should be reduced with the Thonon diet

The pounds that RTL reporter Linda has accumulated after the birth of her first child should finally be gone. The Thonon diet should be quick and effective: Linda did the self-test – an incredible ten kilos in two weeks are promised with this weight-loss method. Linda tried the veggie variant and took us with her. In the video, she shows whether the pounds actually fall automatically.

Extremely low-calorie and high-protein diet

The Thonon diet is said to come from the French spa town of Thonon-les-Bains and is designed for a maximum of 14 days. Thanks to an extremely low-calorie, high-protein diet, the Thonon diet promises quick success. There are three meals a day, the daily amount of calories is between 600 and 800 calories.

Linda didn’t do the Thonon Diet alone. Diet partner by her side: her husband Emrah. He opted for the “normal” Thonon diet with meat or fish. The RTL magazine Extra shows his self-experiment, available on TVNOW. Linda is a vegetarian and has opted for the meat and fish-free version.

What Linda has to pay attention to, explains nutrition expert Dr. Thomas Kurscheid: “You don’t have to eat that much meat. You can use soy products, avocados or legumes instead. Nuts, for example, are great sources of protein.” He does not see any health disadvantages. There should also be no iron deficiency if Linda otherwise eats a balanced vegetarian diet.

Linda’s and Emrah’s Thonon plan for a full week

Tag 1
In the morning: black coffee or tea, both of course without sugar
Lunch: Two boiled eggs with a little spinach – without salt
In the evening: A large grilled steak or three smaller hamburger meatballs with celery and / or salad as you like
VEGGIE: two veggie meatballs, avocado, nuts, salad

Tag 2
In the morning: coffee or tea – again without sugar, some milk is allowed
Lunch: a steak, lettuce, tomatoes and fruits as you like
VEGGIE: lettuce, tomatoes, egg, nuts and fruits as desired
In the evening: cooked ham at will
VEGGIE: avocado and nuts

Tag 3
In the morning: unsweetened coffee or tea, a small slice of wholemeal bread
Lunch: Two boiled eggs, lettuce and tomatoes as you like
In the evening: ham and salad as desired
VEGGIE: Veggie sausages and salad as desired

Tag 4
In the morning: coffee or tea without sugar, some bread
Lunch: a hard-boiled egg, raw or cooked carrots, a piece of cheese
In the evening: fruit as you like, a natural yogurt

Tag 5
In the morning: black coffee or tea without sugar, grated carrots
Lunch: poached fish in broth, two tomatoes
VEGGIE: Boiled carrots in broth, two tomatoes
In the evening: a normal-sized steak, green salad as desired
VEGGIE: A veggie steak, green salad as you like

Tag 6
In the morning: unsweetened coffee or tea, some bread
Lunch: grilled chicken at will
VEGGIE: Veggie sausages as desired
In the evening: two boiled eggs, raw or boiled carrots

Tag 7
In the morning: coffee, tea or herbal tea with lemon – all without sugar
Lunch: a steak, fruit as you like
VEGGIE: Veggie steak, fruits as desired
In the evening: “Joker Dinner” – eat what you want. However, in reasonable quantities and without alcohol

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