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A Moscow museum exhibits a famous alligator named Saturn, who broke out of the Berlin Zoo during World War II and lived in Russia afterwards.

Hopefully the stuffed animal can be admired from mid-January, said a spokeswoman for the state Darwin Museum. Because of the corona pandemic, museums, among other things, have to remain closed from November until January 15.

The alligator
The alligator “Saturn (Photo: AFP)

In May, the Moscow Zoo announced that Saturn had died of old age at the age of 84. According to the information, the 3.50 meter long animal was born in the USA around 1936 and then came to Berlin. The alligator was able to break out of the zoo on the night of the bombing on November 23, 1943. It was only accidentally discovered by British soldiers three years later. How he spent this time is a mystery.

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In July 1946 he was transported to Moscow, where he lived for 74 years. According to the Russian zoo, the myth was born afterwards that the alligator might have heard of Adolf Hitler. There was also much speculation about this in Germany.

“No reptile in the museum has such a rich biography,” it said in a message.

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