Sad words from Adeline Norberg: “I lost”


While Michael Wendler, 48, continues to make headlines, many are wondering what Adeline Norberg, 18, thinks of her father’s behavior. Now the teenager reveals some details about his relationship with his famous father …

How is Adeline Norberg really doing?

The past few months should not have been easy for Adeline Norberg. After the scandal surrounding her famous father’s voluntary DSDS, all eyes were quickly on his 18-year-old daughter. Many asked themselves how Adeline felt about Michael Wendler’s confused conspiracy theories and how she was doing with the violent headwind against the musician.

But Adeline doesn’t seem to be particularly impressed by it – on the contrary: the budding influencer continues to stick with the 48-year-old. In an interview with RTL, she recently stated: “We do everything together, we are a great team. I tell my father everything, we are just really great, our relationship is closer than ever.”

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Competition with dad Michael Wendler?

Nevertheless, Adeline Norberg recently surprised with a confession about her father: In her eyes she was the 48-year-old inferior in all respects:

I lost. My father is just better at everything. Congratulations, Michael Wendler,

wrote the 18-year-old on an Instagram story.

Even if this statement is only one lost game of air hockey it does not seem to be the first time that Adeline Norberg competes with the “no matter” interpreter. One can only hope that there will be no competition between father and daughter …

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