Samen Maier: Wildflower Package is organic product of the year


TAISKIRCHEN. The wildflower package from Samen Maier has been recognized by Bio Austria, Biorama and Messe Wieselburg as the organic product of the year 2020/21 in the organic garden category.

There is a long history behind this award, as managing director Johannes Huber reports: “Years ago, seeds from wildflowers, including some varieties that are threatened with extinction, were collected in nature. Afterwards, they were multiplied at an organic site in Sipbachzell. Six years later the first plants and plant packages are now available, “says Huber.

The package

The package consists of 24 grown and organically certified plants and wildflower seeds. “It is relatively easy to plant two to three square meters of wildflowers in your garden,” says Huber. The selection also includes real rarities such as the mountain leek or the ball of bellflower, “says Huber.” The built-up and intensively used landscape not only lacks habitats for insects and wild animals, but also the variety of original flowering and wild plants. The wildflower package from Samen Maier shows that it is no witchcraft to promote this diversity in the garden and on a small scale, “says Bio Austria chairwoman Gerti Grabmann. Postscript:” The convincing thing is that the wildflower package prepares you all year round with little effort about joy and I create valuable habitat for insects and living beings! “The package is only available on the website, where a lot of information about cultivation is also available.

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