Schallmeiner / Greens on World AIDS Day: HIV not yet defeated – a new infection every day in Austria


Educational work at eye level is required

Vienna (OTS) “Even if AIDS has disappeared from the headlines, it is still with us. In Austria there is still one new infection on average every day,” said Ralph Schallmeiner, health spokesman for the Greens, on the occasion of World AIDS Day, today, 1. December. In Austria it is assumed that there are up to 9,000 people with HIV – an average of one is added every day.

“AIDS has lost much of its horror in recent years,” said Schallmeiner. A whole range of drugs can prevent the virus from spreading in the body, so that HIV-positive people can lead largely normal lives. “But this has not yet defeated HIV, it is more of a stalemate between the body and the virus that is achieved through the therapies,” says Schallmeiner.

Prevention is of particular importance. The virus is mainly transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse and the introduction of blood containing the virus into the bloodstream. The use of condoms, the complete checking of blood reserves and the use of disposable syringes for injections are essential components of successful prevention.

This makes it all the more important for Schallmeiner to do educational work with young people. As with the issues of smoking or nutrition, youth work is needed on an equal footing and not from above. Schallmeiner: “HIV is a disease in the middle of our society, and that’s exactly how we have to fight it. With education and prevention in this very center. “

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