Second generation of AirPods Pro planned in two sizes


There should be not one but two successors to the AirPods Pro in the coming year. The new headphones are to come in two different sizes on the market, according to a tweet from Mr. White. This doesn’t seem to have reliable sources – in some cases it was wrong.

Bloomberg reported a few months ago that Apple plans to offer the AirPods Pro in a smaller version in the future. This is to achieve a better fit. The stalk should disappear completely, it was said at the time. It is not entirely clear whether there will be a variant with and one without a stem. The differences would also be very difficult to market – atypical for Apple. Finally, the current models come with adapters of different sizes for different types of ears.

Bloomberg already writes that Apple could opt for a less ambitious design – it’s just difficult to put antennas, noise cancellation and especially the microphones in a more compact case.

Mr. White also writes that the AirPods Pro 2 will not be available in black again – that just doesn’t go with Apple.

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And then there are the AirPods, of which a new generation is also to appear. What these new things can become is not known. It is unrealistic for Apple to incorporate noise cancellation here – the earbuds are not close to the ear canal. It is likely that the battery life of the AirPods will increase a bit in the next generation.

Are you interested in the new AirPods Pro? What should they be able to do? Let us know in the comments about your ideas.

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