Secret divorce and new love for the imperial grandson


Karl Habsburg and his wife had lived separately for several years. Now the grandson of the last Austrian emperor confirms the divorce. He also makes public that he is newly in love.

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“Yes, since all of our three children came of age, Francesca and I have been divorced. We have never made this public before,” Karl Habsburg told the Austrian newspaper “Kronen-Zeitung”. So the divorce may have been through a few years. Because the youngest daughter Gloria is now 21 years old. Habsburg does not give an exact date of the divorce.

He and Francesca tried to save their relationship, “but it didn’t work out”. The most important thing for the ex-couple was that the children did not suffer from it. The two married in 1993 and have lived separately since 2003. They have three children together: Eleonore (born 1994), Ferdinand (born 1997) and Gloria (born 1999). The eldest daughter got married this summer. And love seems to be going well not only with Eleonore. Even with her 59 year old father.

“A cultured and sensitive woman”

Karl Habsburg is now with the Portuguese top entrepreneur Christian, whose family owns a port wine empire. The emperor’s grandson raves about his new love: “Christian is a cultivated and sensitive woman with an elegant decency. She is a loving advisor, sometimes a valuable critic and always there for me, a partner in the best sense of the word. In short, she is one incredible enrichment for my life and I am happy to have her by my side. ” Karl Habsburg keeps to himself how long the two have been a couple.

Karl Habsburg, who grew up in Bavaria, is the grandson of the last emperor of Austria, Karl I, and the son of the European politician Otto von Habsburg. Since 2007, the 53-year-old has been head of the currently around 500 Habsburgs. The Habsburgs shaped politics in Europe for 600 years. The First World War means the end of the dynasty.

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