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Britney Spears surprises everyone with this news: She sings with the Backstreet Boys. The song is already online.

What a surprise! World star Britney Spears recorded a song for the first time with the popular boy band “Backstreet Boys” around Brian Littrell (45), Kevin Richardson (49), Howie Dorough (47), Nick Carter (40) and Alexander James McLean (42).

The fans had to wait 20 years

The song is called “Matches” and is already available on YouTube. There is no music video (yet). And what do the fans say? You are completely over the moon: “I can’t stop hearing that. We’ve waited so long for it,” writes one user. “Britney and the Backstreetboys? I feel 15 years younger,” it said in another comment.

With almost 150 million records sold worldwide, Britney Spears is one of the most successful entertainers in pop history. Nobody needs to introduce the Backstreet Boys either: numerous number one releases, sold-out tours, countless awards and 130 million records sold speak for themselves.

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