Sexy or scary? Photo by Helene Fischer divides the fans


If you believe the first lines of her latest Instagram post, it is Helene Fischer a real Christmas fan. On the first Sunday in Advent, the pop singer (“Breathless”) turned via Instagram to their fans.

Even if everything is different this year, wrote Fischer: “Hopefully a few things will stay the same … Everything we do at this time should come from the heart in order to work on the heart. I wish you a nice 1st Advent. Your Helene“.

The 36-year-old posted a black and white photo of herself in an evening dress. In the scene shown, she is sitting on a dark carousel horse, which has already had the best of times, because in some places the paint is visibly peeling.

The latest photo and more pictures of Helene Fischer:

This sight met with mixed feelings among her fans: “I think this horse is so scary. Help,” commented one user. She quickly got a few likes and responses: “Not just you,” replied another user. “I think so too. Is that an older picture?” Asked a third.

With the vast majority, the snapshot seems to be well received: The photo has been liked around 64,000 times so far. And the almost 1,500 comments were mostly positive: Many commented with one or more heart emojis or also wished the singer a nice first Advent.

33 facts about Helene Fischer:

  1. Helene’s favorite candy:
    The blonde is a big fan of chocolate. She is particularly fond of dark chocolate with nuts. With “Marathon” she even dedicated a song to her favorite sin.
  2. Helene’s favorite color:
  3. Helene’s musical role model:
    It’s hard to believe, but Helene is a big fan of US pop star Pink. If you compare the bombastic stage shows of the two, then it actually fits together very well. But Celine Dion is also said to be very popular with Fischer.
  4. Helenes Angst:
    Helene Fischer loves to whirl through the air on stage. She rides a large kite over the audience or hangs upside down on a trapeze. But for them it has to be a great deal to overcome. Because actually Helene has a slight fear of heights.
  5. Helene’s height:
    She’s the greatest on stage. But if you look at it soberly, Helene Fischer is just 1.58 meters tall. It’s amazing what power comes from such a small body.
  6. Helenes Anzahl an Facebook-Fans:
    Her fan base is also growing steadily on social media. Around 1.6 million followers have now left a “Like” on their official site. There are almost 700,000 followers on Instagram.
  7. Helene’s place of birth:
    She always exudes a lot of warmth, but Helene was born in icy Siberia, to be precise in Krasnoyarsk, the third largest city in Siberia.
  8. Helene’s native name:
    Jelena Petrovna Fischer.
  9. Helene’s charisma:
    The “Playboy” wanted to know in a survey in 2015 who is the hottest singer in Germany? Surprise: 29.3 percent of all men named Helene Fischer.
  10. Helenes Nervfaktor:
    In the parallel survey of who is the most annoying singer in Germany, Helene Fischer also landed in first place.
  11. Helene’s favorite band:
    It doesn’t always have to be hits! In her private life, Helene Fischer likes to listen to rock numbers: Jon Bon Jovi or the Kings of Leon are very popular with her.
  12. Helenes Double:
    The most famous Helene Fischer double was probably Anni Perka, she was often booked at Schlager festivals. The management of the real fishermen liked it less. Anni Perka is now out and about as a pop singer under her own name.
  13. Helene’s best-selling album:
    Most often her album “Farbenspiel” went over the counter.
  14. Helene’s first TV appearance:
    In 2005 she appeared on television for the first time in front of an audience of millions in the show “Wedding Festival of Folk Music” by her ex-boyfriend Florian Silbereisen. Together with the moderator, she performed an operetta medley.
  15. Helene’s name when she first appeared on TV:
    At that time she was not called on stage with Helene Fischer, but presented as Helen Fisher.
  16. Helene’s shock experience:
    It is said that Helene Fischer would have seen herself on stage with songs in English. Her manager Uwe Kanthak is completely different. He told her that her future lay in German hits. In the early twenties Helene allegedly first of all tears.
  17. Helene’s first pocket money:
    It was not immediately the music with which she earned her first thalers. At the age of 14, she is said to have helped harvest the grapes in the pouring rain.
  18. Helene as a brand:
    In October 2010 her name was officially registered as a trademark in the register of the German Patent Office. And with that you can now advertise very well – for coffee, herb butter, cars …
  19. Helenes Duft:
    On stage, Helene Fischer should smell of sweet sweat. But of course the pop singer also has her own perfume: “That’s Me” and “Me, Myself & You” are the names of her fragrance experiences.
  20. Helene’s greatest wish:
    At an album release party in Munich she said to the audience: “Children are the most wonderful things in life” and “One day I’ll be mom too”.
  21. Helene’s favorite animal:
    In her tour booklet she gave the answer: “Horses are simply beautiful animals. They look so elegant and proud, but at the same time exude an incredible calm.”
  22. Helene’s sister:
    Our Schlagerqueen actually has a sister who is six years older than her. Her name is Erika, a business lawyer by profession. Helene described the relationship between the siblings as very good.
  23. Helene’s love life
    Helene Fischer was in a relationship with the singer and presenter Florian Silbereisen for ten years. In autumn 2018, the couple’s separation became known. The singer is now in a relationship with the dancer Thomas Seitel.
  24. Helenes Beauty-Geheimnis:
    “I apply a cooling eye gel and take a long shower, that’s how I wake up,” she once revealed to the leisure illustrator “at a glance”.
  25. Helenes größter Hit:
    A song that divides the masses: “Breathless through the night” is undoubtedly Helene’s mega-success. Curious: the catchy tune penned by Kristina Bach never made it to number one on the charts in Germany.
  26. Helenes Engagement:
    Since 2012, Helene has been a “guardian angel” in the “” network. The association is committed to the fight against abuse of children.
  27. Helene’s faux pas:
    In 2013 she was asked in an interview how the world stars that she invites to her shows work in different ways? Her answer: “Well, for example Andrea Bocelli doesn’t work with prompters like Michael Bolton.” Of course, the blind star tenor is also hard to read.
  28. Helenes Make-up-Tipp:
    “Work a lot with shades and highlights. For example, putting highlights in the corners of the eyes, on the bridge of the nose and on the cheekbones. This is how you conjure up wonderful freshness,” she told the magazine “at a glance”.
  29. Helene’s stage ritual:
    Before each performance, Helene forms a circle with her musicians and dancers. “We all hold hands and encourage each other,” she once said in an interview with WDR5.
  30. Helene’s impossible dream:
    She would like to be a man for a day. “That would interest me very much,” said Helene a few years ago in the Swiss “Blick”. “Take a day to see what it feels like to be a real guy.”
  31. Helene’s biggest international fan:
    No one less than Robbie Williams came out as a fan of Helene Fischer. When the two met at Echo in 2013, the British pop star raved: “She has such freshness and warmth of heart. Very sexy, this lady.”
  32. Helene’s favorite spice:
    Ginger! “The tuber is an absolute all-purpose weapon – it warms the voice, helps with colds and supports the immune system,” she once revealed in an interview with “eatsmarter”.
  33. Helene’s favorite food:
    Pasta and home cooking! In the same interview, she stated that she was “a real connoisseur”. She loves “really good home cooking” and “pasta in all variations”.

The traditional ZDF program “Die Helene Fischer Show “will run differently this year due to the corona pandemic: instead of a new edition of the format, it should look back on Christmas Day, according to the broadcaster Fisherman give personal highlights from previous years.

“The Helene Fischer Show – My most beautiful moments “can be seen on Friday, December 25th at 8:15 pm on ZDF.

How well do you know Helene Fischer?

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