She died of Corona: mourning Hamburg’s YouTube star: who was Brittanya Karma?


The corona pandemic has so far claimed 340 deaths in Hamburg, including the Hamburg-based YouTouber and German-Vietnamese rapper Brittanya Karma, whose real name is Nguyen Tran Phuong Linh. The death of the 29-year-old causes great consternation among your family, friends and followers. Who was the Hamburg native behind the social media backdrop?

On November 17th, the influencer announced her Covid-19 illness to her followers via Instagram and wrote, among other things, that God had made her one of the strongest women “who has made everyone in the world laugh so far (…). Who is with me knows no grief. Anyone who knows me can only laugh and forget their worries, at least for a short time. And I’m so proud of that. ”A week later, she answered again, saying that she was still fighting. That was Brittanya’s last post.

Hamburg influencer dies of corona: who was Brittanya Karma?

The influencer’s death caused astonishment and a wave of sympathy.

Her fiancé Manu published words of farewell in the story of the joint Instagram channel “karmanuu”: “I will always love you, even if you are no longer with us.” He had only proposed marriage to her in August.

“I’m lost for words. Life is unfair. Growing up with you was so much fun. You taught me so much in life (…). You touched so many hearts, ”writes her brother Thai Lam under two black and white pictures on which both can be seen.

How many hearts she touched is shown by the countless expressions of condolences on her social media channels, but also by the shared memories of people who Brittanya met. They all paint the image of a generous and warm-hearted woman.

Words of farewell and memories of Brittanya Karma

The DJane Levi Oi addresses the deceased directly in an Instagram posting, starting with the words: “Dear Brittanya”. Although she was only able to get to know her once, this meeting has left a strong impression on her to this day. She remembers that she and a friend asked Brittanya to appear at her exhibition in Berlin and she offered to perform with her crew all weekend as support.

Brittanya (center) with her fiancé Manu (left) and the TikToker Theo Junior and at the “role models” event series by Future of Ghana Germany.

Brittanya and her husband Manu also met a MOPO reporter at an event in September and reported on their honest and warm-hearted dealings with children and everyone else present.

Brittanya Karma: “Corona should be taken more seriously”

Vanessa Vu tweeted, “This is too much of a loss for her fiancé, her family, the world,” and sums up what many should feel in the comment columns.

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“Corona should be taken more seriously. Please take care of yourselves ”, Brittanya recently appealed, making it clear beyond her death that Corona does not stop at anyone.

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