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Pre-allergic illnesses are not a known risk factor for a Covid-19 vaccination.
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According to current knowledge, the Covid-19 vaccination is also safe for allergy sufferers. According to experts, the side effects known to date are “frequent, expected, mild and limited in time”.

This was emphasized on Friday by the AG Allergology and the Austrian Society for Dermatology and Venereology (ÖGDV) in a joint broadcast.

Catching allergic incidents through follow-up

mRNA vaccines – such as those from Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna – give the body the blueprint for a virus antigen, which is then produced in the cells and causes immunization. “The side effects that became known in the approval studies and first publications on the mRNA vaccinations are frequent, expected, mild and limited in time”, stated Wolfram Hötzenecker, Chairman of the Allergology Group. The population must be educated instead of deterred.

Heinz Kofler, head of the Hall Allergy Ambulatory, seems to have made the blanket recommendation by the British drug regulatory authorities, due to two incidents in the country, to exclude any person with a previously known immediate reaction to a vaccine, drug or food from being vaccinated with the Biontech / Pfizer active ingredient in Tyrol, as “not justified”. “With careful preparation, implementation and 15 to 30-minute follow-up observation, any allergic incidents that occur can be quickly identified and dealt with well,” he said.

Allergic pre-existing diseases are not a risk factor for corona vaccination

Live vaccines must not be administered to patients undergoing immunosuppressive or immunomodulating therapy. “In contrast, dead vaccines can be used without restrictions,” explained Hans Skvara from the ÖGDV. mRNA vaccines are to be regarded as dead vaccines and should not pose a risk in patients with psoriasis and under immunosuppressive or immunomodulatory therapy: “At least there are no studies to the contrary.”

In general, pre-existing allergic diseases are not a known risk factor for a Covid 19 vaccination, affirmed the professional associations. However, the vaccination could rarely lead to allergological side effects. “Vaccination is therefore a medical task that must always be carried out under appropriate safety conditions,” said Stefan Wöhrl from the Allergology Group. “The stigmatization of allergic patients who were suspected of having had an incident after the administration of vaccines, medication or food in the past is currently insufficiently justified,” said Wöhrl with conviction.

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