Silvio has Corona: Simone Thomalla misses her boyfriend


Simone Thomalla (55) is longing for her partner! The actress has been going through life with Silvio Heinevetter (36) for years and may have spent Christmas with him several times. Unfortunately, this year the “jump into life” actress has to do without her beloved handball goalkeeper: Silvio has contracted Covid-19 – the holidays will be for him and Simone so be pretty “quiet” and isolated …

In one Instagram-Post makes Silvio With the help of virus emojis it is unmistakably clear that he has Corona – but also that he has found a means for himself to deal with the situation: And that is egg liqueur! “Eggnog should help”, he jokes in the commentary on a clip in which he fills a chocolate cup with the alcohol, which he immediately consumes afterwards.

Check out the short video Silvio pretty grumpy – just as his girlfriend seems to be feeling at the moment: She shares two snapshots on the same picture and video platform in which she is posing in front of a sled and comments, among other things, with the hashtags #binbeidir and #traurig: “In spite of everything, I wish you all beautiful Christmas‘. With me it stays silent … It is how it is! “

Silvio Heinevetter in November 2020

Instagram / heinevetter12

Silvio Heinevetter in December 2020
Simone Thomalla, actress

Instagram / simonethomalla

Simone Thomalla, actress

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