So are the chances of snow at Christmas


The weather is not spreading the Christmas spirit this week. But in the coming week it should be colder again. Will we even get a white Christmas then?

Mild temperatures, thick clouds, fog, and local rain – these are the prospects for the coming days. The weekend, on the other hand, will be sunny and friendly again before the new week starts with cooler air. That could even give us a white Christmas in some areas.

A south-westerly current brings warmer air to Germany on Wednesday. In the west, sun and clouds alternate, and in eastern Germany the fog clears up during the day. Across Germany, the temperatures are a mild 9 to 12 degrees.

“The further south, the sunnier it gets”

In the night of Thursday the first clouds are approaching from the northwest and bring widespread rain with them. “Even during the day it is rather cloudy in the north” explains Adrian Schmidt, meteorologist at the DTN weather service. The temperatures remain mild, for example at 10 degrees in Hanover. First in the middle of Germany, later also in Berlin, there can be up to three hours of sunshine. “The further south, the sunnier it gets,” says the weather expert – the sun shines for up to seven hours at the edge of the Alps, at temperatures of 2 degrees.

On Friday there is widespread high fog. Especially in the middle of Germany and also in Bavaria it stays cloudy all day. In northern Germany, but also in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, you can look forward to lots of sunshine. Up to 11 degrees are expected in Stuttgart.

The sun is shining – only here then there

“Overall, the weekend will be friendly and dry,” predicts the weather expert.

On Saturday, western Germany gets up to six hours of sunshine. This can also be seen in the temperatures – in Saarland and Cologne it can be up to 13 degrees. In Berlin and Frankfurt am Main it is around 8 degrees cooler. In the north of Bavaria and Saxony, thick fog could last all Saturday. On Sunday the east can look forward to a little more sun. In contrast, dense clouds are coming in from West Germany.

The coming week starts cooler. “There are signs that on Christmas Eve cooler air will come from the north, and in some cases it may come to snow,” said Schmidt. So there could be a white Christmas in the Ore Mountains, in Hartz, in the Thuringian Forest and near the Swabian Alb.

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