Spahn expects higher vaccine production soon


Federal Health Minister Spahn is confident that the production of the corona vaccine can be expanded in Germany. The CDU politician is critical of the demand to allow production under license due to the crisis.

Spahn referred to additional capacities at the Marburg location on ZDF. There, the manufacturer Biontech had taken over a system from the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis. Before production of the vaccine can begin there, however, some changes have to be made, according to the company.

The health minister reacted cautiously to demands that the vaccine be manufactured under license by other pharmaceutical companies. He had the impression that some underestimated the complexity of vaccine production, said Spahn on Bayerischer Rundfunk. The chairman of the World Medical Association, Montgomery, had made a similar statement. On Deutschlandfunk, he said this was an excited debate. The discussion was initiated by FDP chairman Lindner, among others. Montgomery said that he was surprised that representatives of the free economy suddenly started talking about compulsory licensing.

100 million vaccine doses

Montgomery believes that 100 million doses of vaccine can be administered in the coming year. These are necessary for herd immunity in Germany. If people realized that the vaccinations brought few risks and side effects, there would be more people who would like to be vaccinated.

Debate about side effects

To expect that there would be no side effects at all would be an illusion, emphasized the chairman of the board of the World Medical Association. But a swelling in the arm or a day’s headache are acceptable compared to the risk of Covid 19 disease. Short-term side effects after the vaccinations abroad are known to mean that there is no particular risk for at least the first few weeks. “None of us can talk about the long-term effects, that’s all speculation,” Montgomery admitted.

Pharmaceutical Association promises increasing production

The spokesman for the Association of Researching Drug Manufacturers, Hömke, also said on Deutschlandfunk that pharmaceutical companies such as Biontech and Pfizer had already set up a production network in which other companies were also taking on the production of the vaccine. However, this procedure requires training of the staff and a retrofitting of the systems. Therefore, even a license to other pharmaceutical companies could only increase the production of the active ingredient in a few months. Hömke was confident that significantly more vaccines will soon be available in Germany.

You can also find details about the progress of vaccinations in Germany in the Deutschlandfunk broadcast Marktplatz: “Corona vaccination practical: processes and follow-up” (audio link to listen to)

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You can also find the Dlf news on Twitter at: @DLFNews.
You can also find the Dlf news on Twitter at: @DLFNews.

This message was broadcast on December 28th, 2020 on Deutschlandfunk.

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