Sparkasse, DKB, Volksbank, Commerzbank and Co. affected: That is now changing for all customers


Cardholders must check whether their Visa, Mastercard or American Express has already been activated for two-factor authentication. Consumers can find corresponding activation procedures in online banking under the tab “ Credit Card”, “ Service” or “ Security”.

In order to activate two-factor authentication, consumers usually need an app that their house bank provides. The credit card is usually recorded via this app, saved in encrypted form and then activated for the TAN procedure.

Other providers use TAN generators, which then spit out a PIN for each transaction. Such generators are often as big as a lighter.

The majority of bank customers use the much simple SMS-TAN procedure. The bank sends an often six-digit code via SMS that customers then have to enter. However, the banks usually charge between 9 and 19 cents per SMS. Such processes are used by Comdirect, Deutsche Bank, Norisbank, 1822direkt, HypoVereinbank / UniCredit, Skatbank, ING Diba, Santander, Wüstenort and Netbank.

Basically, every bank must offer at least one free TAN procedure. In addition, all bank customers should be particularly careful.

Criminals could now send fraudulent emails. There could be links in it that lead to fake pages. If customers log in on these pages, the login data, including username and password, are passed on. With the sensitive data such as address, date of birth and account number, the fraudsters could, in extreme cases, take out loans or even loot accounts.

Therefore applies: Do not open any links that claim to be from your bank. It is better to log in directly via online banking and check under “PO Box” whether the bank has already provided information on activating two-factor authentication. You can also get help through the customer service of the loan house.

Here you will find the most important addresses and numbers:

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