Spotify’s annual review: Germany and the world have heard this music most often


Spotify released the most streamed songs in 2020. In Germany rappers are at the forefront. Users can now also view their personal annual review: Spotify Wrapped.

  • Bad Bunny is the world’s most popular artist Spotify.
  • Throughout Germany lies Rapper Capital Bra in first place.
  • Spotify users can now create your very own Annual review look at.

Offenbach – Pop, Rock, Reggae, Rap, Techno, Schlager or would you prefer classical music? The world of music is colorful and versatile. The tastes in your own circle of friends and in the family are often very different. But it doesn’t matter if you have ballads from Whitney Houston and Bryan Adams preferred, or rappers like Capital Bra favored: The audio streaming service Spotify has something to offer for every taste.

Users can access their personal annual review via the Spotify app.

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Spotify Wrapped: Streaming Service Releases Annual Review

Because im Corona year 2020 Music fans as far as possible Concerts their stars had to do without, many listeners picked up their smartphones, tablets or laptops to get their favorite pieces via Spotify listen. The streaming service now has a year in review „Spotify Wrapped“ the most popular artists and songs published. In addition, users can now have their own personal review of the year recall.

At the international level, the Latin trap and reggaeton singer occupies this year Bad Bunny from Puerto Rico took first place. The artist’s songs were streamed a total of 8.3 billion times. His album alone „YHLQMDLG“ have accessed music lovers 3.3 billion times. This makes it number one among the most streamed albums on Spotify.

Most streamed song on Spotify: “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd

„Blinding Lights“ by the Canadian R&B and hip-hop singer and songwriter The Weeknd is the most heard song on Spotify. It has been streamed 1.6 billion times. Also the only 18-year-old American Billie Eilish is very popular in the Corona year 2020. For the second time in a row she took first place in the category “Most internationally streamed female artist”.

Billie Eilish is the most streamed artist on Spotify.

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Podcasts can also be made via the Swedish streaming service Spotify be heard. Proven in the international ranking „The Joe Rogan Experience“ with US presenter and comedian Joe Rogan the top position. The podcasts rank behind „TED Talks Daily“ as „The Daily“.

Spotify annual review: rappers are ahead in Germany

But which one Songs, albums and Artists do the German listeners favor? In the national rankings of Spotify musicians from the rap and hip-hop industries dominate. Capital Bra is, just like in 2019, the most streamed artist in Germany. Apache 207 and Samra complete the podium. Apache 207 is also particularly successful in the album category. With his works “Stairwell” and „Platte“ he is in places 1 and 3.

Most streamed artists in Germany on Spotify: Most streamed albums in Germany on Spotify:
1. Capital Bra 1. Apache 207 – stairwell
2. Apache 207 2. Samra – Jibrail & Satan
3. Samra 3. Apache 207 – Platte
4. Bonez MC 4. Ufo361 – Rich Rich
5. Ufo361 5. Luciano – exotic

In Germany became, just as internationally, the song “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd most frequently over Spotify streamed. „Roller“ from Apache 207 ranks 2nd. The most streamed artist in Germany is Loredana. Are in the following top places LEA and Billie Eilish.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular internationally and also in Germany. While there were around 500,000 podcasts worldwide in 2019, there are already almost 2 million today. In Germany alone there are now more than 40,000 podcast formats Spotify instead, as reported by the radio station “Energy”. The podcast leads nationwide “Mixed hack” by Felix Lobrecht and Tommi Schmitt the ranking. It follows “Fest & Fluschig” by Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz and the short message podcast “Daily news in 100 seconds”.

Most streamed songs in Germany on Spotify: Most streamed podcasts in Germany via Spotify:
1. The Weeknd – Blinding Lights 1. Mixed hack
2. Apache 207 – Roller 2. Firm & fluffy
3. Imanbek, Saint JHN – Roses Imanbek Remix 3. Daily news in 100 seconds
4. A7S, Topic – Breaking me 4. Deutschlandfunk news
5. DaBaby, Roddy Rich – Rockstar 5. Crime

Spotify gives its users the opportunity to look at their own personal review of the year. That goes over that App and the website of the Swedish audio streaming service. In the app, users can click on “See what you heard in 2020” at the top of the display. A window opens in which the personal Top-Songs be played.

Share a personal review of the year on Spotify with friends

The personal one „Spotify Wrapped“ but has more to offer. With some Quiz questions listeners can, for example, try to guess which song they streamed most often in 2020. There is also the opportunity to review the year with friends Social channels to share. Furthermore, music fans can find out when they have streamed their favorite song most often or when they have heard it for the 100th time. This is reported by the Internet portal “Online Marketing”.

Personal review of the year: Spotify hands out awards

Spotify also distributed this year Awards, like Pioneer (you heard this song before it hit 50,000 streams) or Collector (you added the following number of songs to your playlists). Of course, all of these new functions offer the user a high Entertainment value, so that many users will surely spend a few hours with their personal annual review in the coming days Spotify will spend. (Tobias Ketter)

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