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The second half of the sixth and final season of Vikings goes online today on Amazon worldwide. In the final chapter of the series, the showdown between Vikings and Rus is on the agenda. The last battle for Kattegat begins.

Today, Wednesday, December 30, the second half of the sixth season of Vikings celebrates its German premiere on Amazon Prime Video. The streaming service takes over the worldwide first broadcast. The first half of the season ran between December 2019 and February 2020.

The previous story ended with a fratricidal fight. Bjorn Ironside ( Alexander Ludwig) fights together with King Harald ( Peter Franzen) for his fatherland against Ivar the Boneless ( Alex Hogh Andersen) and against the forces of the Rus for control in Norway. The battle ended with Bjorn left to die on the battlefield. The fate and future of the homeland Kattegat is open. In the final episodes, the conflict between the Rus and the Vikings is hot. In Iceland, Ubbe ( Jordan Patrick Smith) wants to fulfill his father Ragnar’s ( Travis Fimmel) dream and sail further west than the Vikings have ever managed. There are also open bills in England. The Vikings established settlements there and conquered large parts of the country with the exception of Wessex. Only Alfred the Great, the King of Wessex, offers resistance. Ivar the Boneless has to face the king he once knew as a boy.

Series creator Michael Hirst puts it this way: “ Our monumental Viking saga comes to a close, but not before you’ve had the chance to see some of my all-time favorite episodes. Prime Video will reveal the series finale to streaming viewers first. Get ready to be amazed – and for some surprises. And when you have tears to shed, prepare to shed them.“Meanwhile, the successor to Vikings is being created for Netflix: Valhalla.

Finally, here is the trailer for the second part of the season:

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