Storm of love: Maja has a dark secret – serial death just a lie?


“Storm of Love” newcomer Maja von Thalheim keeps a dark secret. Will the ghosts of her past catch up with her in the 17th ARD season?

Munich – In a few weeks she will find 16th season “Storm of Love” ends and makes way for them 17th season. Even if the ARD producers are still guarding the new intrigues, lies, weddings and deaths like treasure, everything already indicates that newcomers Maja von Thalheim (played by Christina Arends) keeps a dark secret and is soon overtaken by her past in the form of her father, who was believed to be dead. has the details.

Soap opera: storm of Love
First broadcast: 26. September 2005
Year (s): since 2005
Manufacturing company: Bavaria Fiction
Production: Bea Schmidt; Julia Bachmann
Titellied: Stay

Storm of Love (ARD): Newcomer Maja von Thalheim keeps a dark secret

The wait will soon be over. In a few weeks it will flicker 17th season “Storm of Love” On the home screens and loyal ARD supporters are already wondering which intrigues, dream weddings and dark secrets the Fürstenhof makers have in store. Are Maja and Florian Vogt (played by Arne Löber, 27) the new ARD dream couple? Which Fürstenhof-Stars announce during the 17th season your series end and which SdL figure dies the tragic series death in Bichlheim? Question after question.

Maja von Thalheim is keeping a dark secret (

© Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/picture alliance/dpa & Christof Arnold/ARD

But who in the past few days no episode “Storm of Love” has missed, should already be a first reference to the 17th Fürstenhof relay have discovered. Of all things New entry Maja von Thalheim gets caught up in the maelstrom of SdL intrigues and lies. In the 3499th episode (“Followed in a dream”, TV broadcast on November 26th) it came out that the Adoptivtochter from Selina von Thalheim (played by Katja Rosin, 40), who is poisoned by ARD-Beast Ariane, keeps a dark secret.

Storm of Love (ARD): serial death lie – is Maja caught by the ghosts of the past?

Looking for the sudden end with her fiancé May Consolation from her adoptive mother Selina, who has been with her husband since the death Kornelius Freiherr von Thalheim sitting on a mountain of debt. But out of the blue she tells her about her feelings for Christoph Saalfeld (played by Dieter Bach, 56). May can hardly believe that Selina four years after the death of her father Kornelius has fallen in love again: “That you are ready again to get involved with someone else …”. Even the promise “your father will always have a place in my heart” does not comfort the newcomer to the Fürstenhof.

At the end of the 3499th “Storm of Love” episode, I was dreaming Fürstenhof dream woman Maja von Thalheim of their Vater Korneliuswho convinced her that despite alleged death four years ago, he might still be alive! In her dream she heard him say: “You are the only one who can help me now! I have to get out of here. Don’t say anything to mom! You have to promise me that May!“

Storm of Love (ARD): Risen from the dead – will Kornelius von Thalheim return to the Fürstenhof?

Is Kornelius Freiherr von Thalheim, widow’s late husband Selina, maybe still alive and fooled its tragic four years ago Tod just before? What does daughter have May to do with the fictitious escape? And above all, why left Cornelius of Thalheim his old life behind?

So it would be quite possible that Cornelius of Thalheim in the 17th “Storm of Love” season all of a sudden “rises from the dead” to the Fürstenhof returns and the life of Selina and Maja von Thalheim upside down.

List of rubric lists: © Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert / picture alliance / dpa & Christof Arnold / ARD

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