Stuttgart has to reinvent itself: black hole full of opportunities – Stuttgart


Big tasks ahead: Stuttgart’s new mayor Frank Nopper (CDU) Photo: Tom Weller / dpa

New OB, new luck? Frank Nopper’s arrival in Stuttgart must be more than a change of staff, comments “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” title author Nikolai B. Forstbauer.

Stuttgart – In January 2021, Frank Nopper will succeed the Green Fritz Kuhn as Lord Mayor of the state capital Stuttgart. And one thing is clear for the CDU politician, who describes the opening of the festival as the most joyful event for him: work must be done on Stuttgart’s image. No. You don’t have to work on the image, the city or Stuttgart – quickly and easily. The smoke candles of cheerfully glowing 1000-meter cycle paths belong in the moth box as well as the legend of the city that is incapable of urban development towards investors.

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