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Actually, “Supertalent” judge Evelyn Burdecki (32) should rate the candidates on the TV show. But on Saturday, December 5, 2020, she stole the show from the talents and became an act herself.

The 32-year-old has secret talents …

“Supertalent” juror Evelyn was at DSDS

What many do not know: The now 32-year-old sang to Dieter Bohlen’s (66) talent show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” – “for fun”, as Evelyn explains. But even the Poptitan can no longer remember that.

“I would like to hear that,” Dieter cheers on his jury colleague. And if Dieter asks you so nicely, it’s hard to say “no”. Reason enough, then, for Evelyn to sing her casting song “Hero” by Mariah Carey (50) again.

“Supertalent” 2020: Evelyn performs sexy for the jury and the audience

“If you hear that, you will go under the table,” warns Evelyn the successful music producer. But with what Evelyn is there, she really surprises everyone.

Admittedly, the 32-year-old doesn’t even come close to Mariah Carey’s voice, but both Dieter Bohlen and jury member Bruce Darnell (63) think: “That wasn’t bad.” And something like that from Dieter means something. The audience also applauds diligently.

Nobody would have expected that, not even Evelyn. But that’s not the only time Evelyn shows her secret talents in the evening.

“Supertalent” judge Evelyn Burdecki: butt shake as much as you can

The three girls from the “twerXoutTeam” want to wrap the “Supertalent” jury around their fingers with their Twerk skills – that is, by wiggling their buttocks with swing to the music.

Rimma Banina (36) explains: “I can show my freedom, my femininity, my female power.” And if someone in the “Supertalent” jury has femininity and female power, then Evelyn, after all, she has to find herself between Dieter Bohlen Claim Bruce Darnell and Chris Tall as the only woman on the jury.

Evelyn Burdecki at “Supertalent” 2020: “I can do that too”

Anyone who has tried Twerking knows that it is not that easy if it should look good and also match the beat of the music. But Evelyn Burdecki claims naively as she is: “I can do that too.”

So she swings onto the stage, stands between the trio and actually explains that she has her very best under control – much to the delight and surprise of her jury colleagues and the audience.

“Super talent juror Evelyn Burdecki shows her secret talents on December 5th.


TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

“Oh yes, that was good,” admits Bruce Darnell, surprised. But then she leaves the big show to the professionals again. The “twerXoutTeam” wiggles its buttocks for all it takes.

Unfortunately, woman power is not enough for the “super talent”

But without success. “It’s definitely not something for the big stage, Saturday night, a quarter past eight,” says juror Bruce Darnell. Jury chief Dieter adds: “To call that a super talent would be a bit strange.”

They only get a “yes” from Evelyn with the reason: “Woman power! I thought you were great and I was allowed to take part. ”But of course that is not enough for the“ twerXoutTeam ”to get to the next round.

You can always see the super talent on Saturdays at 8:15 p.m., on RTL or at any time on TVNOW.

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