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Among other things, the video platform Youtube, the e-mail service GMail and the office software Google Docs did not work for many users at times. The video conference service Google Meet also failed. After around three quarters of an hour, the services gradually came to life.Google announced that the failure was triggered by a problem with internal storage quotas. At first there were no further technical details. The failure quickly showed that many areas and other providers are dependent on Google services. Apps that rely on Google logins also had problems. Smart home applications such as security cameras and doorbells from the in-house brand Nest failed. The work of companies and educational institutions that rely on Google for their office software and conferences was disrupted.

There have been a few in the past – mostly very short-term

– Disruptions in Google services due to technical problems. Last

At the end of September, the Group’s much-used cloud offerings were affected due to a server failure. A disruption on such a broad front is rather unusual.

For the shares of the Google parent Alphabet, it went down on Monday in NASDAQ trading at times by 1.03 percent to 1,763.38 US dollars.



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