Test person: “I felt quite strong side effects after the vaccination”


Great Britain was the first European country to approve a corona vaccine, and other countries will follow suit soon. A test person tells how it feels to be given the vaccine.

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How does it feel to have the corona vaccination injected?

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Information is provided by a test person who has already been vaccinated with it.

Information is provided by a test person who has already been vaccinated with it.


“At first, you only feel a small prick – no different from a flu shot,” said the test person.


  • Great Britain will soon be the first European country to start vaccinating the population against the coronavirus.

  • How does the vaccination feel? Is it painful? Are there any side effects? A test person provides information.

  • The second dose in particular is tough. “I was incapacitated,” says the test person.

The vaccine is coming soon. The vaccines from the manufacturers Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna in particular are so advanced in development that vaccination can soon begin. The UK was the first country in the world to approve and is planning to start vaccinating soon.

Only: how does the vaccination feel? Is it painful? How do you feel after that? Questions that are best asked of a test person. Yasir Batalvi (24) had himself vaccinated in the USA in mid-October. The elite college student in Boston told CNN how it felt.

“I felt good”

The vaccination against the coronavirus works with both manufacturers in a two-stage process. With a first dose, the body should be hardened against the virus. The second dose is intended to increase the response to the vaccination.

“The first dose didn’t feel any different than the flu shot, for example,” says Batalvi. A little prick in the arm – and it was all over again. In the evening he had pain when lifting his arm above shoulder height, says Batalvi: “The side effects are very local. I really only felt it in the muscle of my arm. Otherwise nothing was affected, I felt good. “

“Out of action”

Quite different with the second dose of vaccination. “I developed quite severe side effects after the second vaccination,” said Batalvi. He still felt good in the hospital. But when he went home, his condition worsened: “The evening was bad. I developed a low fever, was tired, and had the chills. I was out of action for the evening. “

The next morning he felt better. Virus expert Paul Offit, who works at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, told CNN: “Such side effects are a good thing. That means that the immune system is working. ”

Long-term consequences unknown

If the second dose has been administered and any side effects have been overcome, that means: “You are now in a much better position to defeat this terrible virus that has killed over 250,000 people in the USA and has long-term consequences for many” , says Offit. The director of the US Infectious Diseases Authority, Anthony Fauci, sees it the same way.

“The side effects should subside after 24, at the latest 48 hours,” says Fauci. It is estimated that only 10 to 15 percent of those vaccinated will develop severe side effects at all. However: Nobody can yet estimate the long-term consequences. There is simply no data.

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