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From Jürgen Löhle

November blues in Stuttgart? This year it was rather nil. The actually disgusting autumn month invited people to be outside with records.

The golden November – yes, that’s true – could also be enjoyed outdoors in Stuttgart on the Rotenberg.

Photo: Lichtgut / Julian Rettig

Stuttgart – November – the corners of your mouth automatically fall down. The word sounds like Winfried Kretschmann when he talks about the seriousness of the situation. Pure minor. In short, the month stands for meteorological horror. Fog, drizzle, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon it is dark, at 8 o’clock in the morning not really light. The sun vitamin D is only available in the pharmacy, and even the cheerful neighbor hears “God is dead?” When the window is tilted Black Sabbath – and the expression on his face reveals that the question mark can be left out.

It was always like that in the past, and currently in October, when it became clear that we needed a partial lockdown again, many have already ordered antidepressants such as St. John’s wort or heavy red wine as a precaution. And then? That’s the way it is with the weather. As if there was an alliance between meteorology and the good so that people don’t despair of the weather in addition to Corona. Stuttgart experienced an extremely sunny and mild November, on which one can only criticize that it was much too dry with a meager 16 liters of rain per square meter, like six of the ten months of 2020 before. A normal November was a full 32 liters missing.

Best weather for excursions at the beginning of the month

But apart from that there was just the best weather for a trip. It would have been enough for the beer garden every now and then, but the virus was against it. After all, you could take wonderful distance walks in mild air and cycle in shorts for a long time. November even started with a record. On November 1st, at 22.0 degrees, the previous record from 1968 (21.4 degrees) was exceeded by 0.6 degrees. “November 2020 was too warm and very dry,” says Andreas Pfaffenzeller. The meteorologist of the German Weather Service (DWD) can present another record: “With 137.6 hours of sunshine, which is almost 194 percent of the long-term average, November is number 1 since recording began in 1951.”

It seems as if the sun just wanted to shine Corona away. Unfortunately, it has not been of any use so far, although the weather throughout autumn tried hard to be antiviral. The period from September 1st to November 30th was very sunny, very warm, but also very dry. So there were very good conditions to be outside without any infection. And that at a time of the year when you tend to wrap yourself up at home. In that sense, climate change has at least one good thing. November alone in Stuttgart was 2.2 degrees warmer than a normal eleventh month, autumn was 1.8 degrees too warm and thus the third warmest since recording began. November is increasingly taking on the role that October used to play, i.e. being golden.

A pinch of snow for the start of winter

There was a touch of snow right at the start of winter – and now the forecast: It will foreseeable at least continue to be wet and cold. And of course the question remains about the white Christmas. It would be nice if you could already hope a little. There can be no forecast yet, but a trend that gives hope for the first white Christmas since 2010. The polar vortex, which has been very stable in recent years, which can prevent winter in this country, is currently “flapping”, say meteorologists . The eddy is much more dynamic than in 2019. And when the eddy gets fluttered, the chances of snow in the country increase enormously. Well then vortex – give it your all.

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