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Top sporting performances, exciting duels and spectacular falls: the fifth season of Ninja Warrior Germany again offered plenty of highlights. looks back on the grand finale.

Only 16 of the 56 finalists had made it to the second round and were now fighting for the title and the associated chance of 300,000 euros.

Unlike in the previous shows, there were two courses in the grand finale. Finally, the “Mount Midoriyama” waited, where the athletes had to climb a 20 meter long rope within a time limit.

What were the other obstacles? Which athletes made it through the second round? Who is the new “Last Man Standing”? And was “Mount Midoriyama” conquered for the first time?

  • What did the stages look like?

In the second round, the athletes had three minutes. First it went via the chaos cone to the swing wing. Then the zigzag ladder to heaven was waiting for the ninjas to prove their arm strength.

Those who then also left the steering wheels behind made it to the vertical lifting bridges. Here, walls weighing 30 to 50 kilograms stood in the way of the participants to get to the buzzer.

The third lap was even more difficult because there was no time limit. It went through the floating doors for a walk.

After the finger strips 3.0, the plug-in boxes and the ball hooks followed. Only the pole flight then separated the candidates from “Mount Midoriyama”.

  • Brilliant achievements in the second round

After the 16 finalists had already mastered the first obstacles last week, most of the second round was also mastered.

Only Samuel Dufner, Daniel Gerber and Mark Degebrodt went swimming early. With a time of 2:08 minutes, Giovanni Ertl pressed the buzzer as the fastest athlete. René Casselly (2:09 minutes) and Oliver Edelmann (2:10 minutes) were also unstoppable.

On the other hand, things were particularly exciting for Marius Holzinger and Jun Kim. Both participants only secured their place in the third round in the last five seconds. Thus a total of 13 athletes reached the next stage.

It became a lot trickier for the finalists in the last course before “Mount Midoriyama”. The floating doors in particular caused a lot of departures.

The dreams of Joel Mattli, Philipp Göther, Jun Kim, Krister Kröll, Marius Holzinger, Oliver Edelmann and Leon Wismann each burst at the first obstacle.

“I didn’t know the grip technique and my hands were a bit slippery,” said Göther about the pitfalls of the floating doors after leaving.

Moritz Hans and Max Sprenger left the walk. While Giovanni Ertl finished with the 3.0 finger strips, René Casselly still managed to hit the ball hook.

  • Alexander Wurm defends his title

As a result, all eyes were on Alexander Wurm and Kim Marschner. The latter took an extremely long time with his appearance. This paid off, as Marschner finally mastered the floating doors, the walk and the finger strips 3.0 including plug-in boxes and ball hooks.

Shortly before the buzzer, however, the 22-year-old slipped on the pole flight and was then disappointed.

Opponent Wurm completed the first obstacles much faster. This led to the showdown on the pole flight. There the top favorite failed only at the last bar and missed the “Mount Midoriyama” in a dramatic way.

Thanks to his strong performance, Wurm secured the title of “Last Man Standing” for the third year in a row. The wait for the first “Ninja Warrior Germany” continues in the 6th season.

Jannik Kube

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