The doctor may not bring her own child to the hospital on time


The prosecution’s allegation: the woman brought her child to the clinic too late.
Image: dpa

“We have to examine this tragedy,” says the judge. In Frankfurt, a mother and doctor is on trial because she only brought her child with diabetes symptoms to the doctor when it was too late. It is questionable whether the woman knew what she was doing.

Dhe characteristics that dominate courtrooms are not always empathy and patience. Depending on who is in front of them, prosecutors, judges and even defense lawyers sometimes make no secret of what they think of a defendant. The tone can be harsh and the handling jagged. Anyone who repeatedly has similar accused sitting in front of them with similar deeds and similar explanations will at some point be able to assess situations quite well.

But on this Wednesday a lot is different in room 3 at the Frankfurt district court. Already in the morning, when the accused does not show up, the judge realizes that she has a bigger task ahead of her. The public prosecutor and defense attorney have long since suspected what to expect. The judge calls the case at issue a tragedy. The accused is a mother who is a doctor herself and allegedly overlooked diabetes symptoms in her nine-year-old son. Because she didn’t get him to the hospital quickly enough, refused a blood sugar test and violated the doctors’ orders at the university clinic, the child had to go to the intensive care unit and be artificially ventilated. Massive neurological damage was the result. The boy is severely disabled. In the indictment, the doctors are reported with the assessment that his survival was a miracle.

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