The French bathe in ice cubes for over two hours


The very idea alone gives you goose bumps: a Frenchman broke the world record in ice bathing and had to endure surrounded by ice cubes. The action was for a good cause.

Two hours, 35 minutes and 43 seconds – that’s how long a Frenchman could hold out in ice cubes. Romain Vandendorpe set a new world record in freezing cold on Saturday in Wattrelos in northern France. The 34-year-old was in a glass container filled with ice cubes up to his shoulders.

Vandendorpe wanted to use the campaign to raise money for an aid organization for children with cancer. “Anyone could give one euro for every minute that Romain stayed in the ice cubes,” said the chairman of the organization, Steve de Matos.

According to his own statements, Vandendorpe had trained for two years in a whirlpool filled with ice water and in a 500-liter freezer, among other things. The 34-year-old reported that he had brought himself into a “daydreaming state” through concentration and imagination.

According to an AFP reporter, Romain’s attempt to record followed around 50 people and specially appointed jurors. In the end, Vandendorpe improved the previous world record by 40 minutes.

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