The latest Bansky picture on house wall in Bristol


Thanks to the mysterious street artist Banksy, her house became a work of art overnight – now the owner no longer wants to get rid of the building advertised for sale. You called off the sale a week before the planned signature, said Nicholas Makin, the son of the owner, in Bristol, the regional program of the channel ITV News.

The artist posted a photo of the graffiti on Instagram on Thursday – this is how he usually confirms his authorship. The work “Aachoo !!” sprayed on a green house wall shows an elderly woman with a headscarf who loses her teeth when sneezing heavily. Because the house is at the beginning of Vale Street, which is considered the steepest street in England, in one of the photos published by Banksy it looks like the woman’s sneeze knocked over a garbage can and toppled the neighboring houses.

Advice from security companies

Makin and his stepbrother have meanwhile protected the work with plexiglass. The family also wants advice from security companies on how additional protection is possible. Since the work became known, many people have viewed the house wall and taken photos. Makin said some people even climbed over the house at night to get a good look. His mother was very careful. You now wanted to calmly consider what would happen to the house.

Banksy’s real identity is unknown. He has made a name for himself with socially critical and controversial motifs that keep popping up surprisingly. (apa / dpa)

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