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    Media conference at 11 a.m .: Canton of Zurich presents vaccination strategy

    The most populous canton in Switzerland presented its vaccination strategy at 11.00 a.m. Follow the media conference of the Zurich Health Directorate live in the stream and in the ticker.

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    Federal Council advises on mutated virus in Great Britain

    The Federal Council is holding a meeting on Monday today on the mutated corona virus that has emerged in Great Britain. Federal Council spokesman André Simonazzi announced this to the media in Bern.

    In the course of the morning, the Federal Council wanted to inform about decisions, said Simonazzi. There have been no flights between Switzerland and Great Britain since Monday at midnight because of the mutated virus.

    The mutated virus could be significantly more contagious than the known form. The Federal Office of Civil Aviation wrote on Sunday evening that the flight ban should prevent the new virus variant from spreading further.

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    Berlin Charité switches to emergency operation

    Germany’s and Europe’s largest university clinic, the Berlin Charité, is going back to operation on an emergency program for two weeks from today, Monday.

    In this way, staff is to be pulled together in order to build up further Covid-19 intensive capacities. Planned interventions will not be carried out over Christmas and the turn of the year, as the clinic announced last week. However, emergencies continue to be treated and tumor operations are carried out. Operation in the rescue centers also continues.

    The Charité currently expects a further increase in corona patients. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 16,643 other people in Germany tested positive for the corona virus on Sunday. This increases the total number to 1,510,652 positive tests.


    Charité board member Ulrich Frei speaks of a «crisis like we have not yet experienced.» The hospital is the first address for the treatment of Covid-19 patients with serious illnesses, but it also cares for infected people in normal wards.


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    Aargau will vaccinate from January 5th

    If the IT solution provided by the federal government is ready for use on January 4, as announced, a regular vaccination start in the canton of Aargau will be possible from January 5, the State Chancellery announced.

    The provision of vaccinations for the population will be staggered and tailored to the amount of vaccine available. In the first phase, particularly vulnerable mobile people are vaccinated in the two vaccination centers attached to the Aarau and Baden canton hospitals.

    Mobile units supplied by the vaccination centers are used to vaccinate non-mobile particularly vulnerable people who, for example, live in homes or are cared for by Spitex.

    In the second phase, other hospitals, clinics and medical centers should also be able to vaccinate. The regional supply aspects are also considered. As soon as the vaccine is available in sufficient quantities, the canton will expand the range of vaccinations, for example to include doctors in private practice.

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    British Minister: Border closure does not inhibit vaccination program

    According to the British Transport Minister Grant Shapps, the closure of the borders between Great Britain and the EU mainland has no impact on the ongoing mass vaccination. “Most of the vaccine doses don’t come into the country by truck. They are sent in containers, ”said Shapps to Sky News. In addition, there are currently enough stocks available. “This will not affect the vaccination program,” he said.

    So far, around 500,000 British people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Because of the rapid spread of the variant of the corona virus discovered in Great Britain, France, along with other countries, has closed its borders with the United Kingdom. This means that trucks are no longer allowed to cross the English Channel. According to the BRC trade association, around 10,000 trucks cross the inlet every day in the run-up to Christmas.

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    Because of virus mutation: Great Britain is increasingly being cut off

    Now Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Poland and Turkey are also suspending flights from Great Britain. This is because of the possibly far more contagious virus variant of Sars-CoV-2 discovered in southern England. Various other countries had already taken appropriate steps beforehand – including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland.

    The Netherlands have extended their entry ban for travelers from Great Britain to passengers on ferries – with truck drivers being excluded from the measure.

    Because France has closed the borders with the United Kingdom, the important British port of Dover on the English Channel and the Eurotunnel were also closed. Freight traffic and passengers were asked not to arrive, the port announced on Twitter on Sunday evening.

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    Addiction center calls for long-term changes in heroin distribution

    Because of Corona, addicts in heroin-supported treatment, as offered by the Zurich Addiction Center Arud, are now allowed to take seven daily doses of medical heroin in tablet form (so-called diaphin) home with them.

    In normal times, you will have to personally collect your dose every two days. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) extended the regulation to seven daily doses across Switzerland at the end of September, as it had already done during the first corona wave. The new regulation is to apply until December 31, 2021.

    That’s not enough for Arud’s chief physician Thilo Beck. He claims to have extended it to the time after the pandemic. The longer-term dispensing works, the users deal responsibly with the drugs. Forcing them to come to the addiction center every other day is “inhuman”. Such a requirement makes a self-determined lifestyle impossible and stands in the way of reintegration into society.

    Arud chief physician Beck specifies: Because the stress of constantly having to stop by the drug dispensing point is absent, many are “more with themselves” and can go to work for the first time.

    Long-term donation means autonomy for our clients.

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    Virus variant in England: Drosten (still) calmly keeps blood

    The virologist Christian Drosten assumes that the virus mutation discovered in Great Britain has already arrived in Germany. But he is not concerned about it, says the researcher from the Berlin Charité on Deutschlandfunk.

    He did not want to play down the situation and was – like everyone else – in a “somewhat unclear information situation”. Whether the new virus variant is actually much more contagious cannot yet be assessed. Information from Great Britain would have to be awaited this week. Drosten says he doesn’t expect the changed virus type to make vaccinations less effective.

    Christian Drosten

    His assessments carry weight: Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute for Virology at the Charité in Berlin. The US science magazine “Science” counts him among the “world’s leading experts on coronaviruses”.


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    Interpol warns of attacks on vaccine transports

    Interpol expects a worldwide crime wave around the vaccination campaign. “With the rollout of the vaccines, crime will increase dramatically,” said the Secretary General of the International Police Organization, Jürgen Stock, of “Wirtschaftswoche”.

    “We will see thefts and break-ins and raids on vaccine transports.” Corruption will be rampant in many places. “A virus spreads from Asia across all continents – and it is followed by a wave of crime, a parallel crime pandemic, so to speak.”

    As the vaccines roll out, crime will rise dramatically.

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    New virus variant also appeared in Australia

    The state of New South Wales in Australia has confirmed that the apparently fast-spreading new coronavirus strain from Great Britain was discovered in a cluster in northern Sydney. The number of cases related to the Northern Beaches outbreak rises to 83, according to the government in Australia.

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    USA: A stimulus package is due shortly before Christmas

    Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress have agreed on another huge corona stimulus package after months of dispute. The respective heads of the two parties in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, announced the agreement in the Chamber of Congress. Republican McConnell said the package was worth around $ 900 billion.

    According to the Democrat Schumer, plans include further financial aid for small businesses and a temporary increase in unemployment benefits of $ 300 per week. Citizens with a certain maximum income should receive a one-time direct aid payment of 600 dollars per person. Money for schools, childcare and the distribution of vaccines in the country are also planned.

    The US had previously distributed around three trillion dollars in aid.

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    The most important things from the evening and from the night

    • Following the discovery of a new – more contagious – variant of the coronavirus in Great Britain and South Africa, numerous countries in Europe and around the world responded by suspending flights from the affected areas – including Switzerland.
    • The federal scientific task force assesses the new variant of the coronavirus as “very problematic”. The mutation has not yet been proven in Switzerland. She assumes “that the variant is here in small numbers”.
    • Because of the new variant of the corona virus, the German EU Council Presidency is calling an emergency meeting with representatives of other member states for Monday. Berlin is calling together national experts as part of the crisis reaction mechanism of the international community (IPCR), as a spokesman for the German Council Presidency announced on Sunday. On the agenda is the coordination of the European Union with regard to the new virus variant.
    • You can find more news from the past few days here.

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