The NSO icon on the Nintendo Switch home menu is driving some gamers crazy!


The Switch has established itself as a real cash cow for Nintendo. 2020 in particular was a very intense year in terms of sales figures for the traditional video game company from Japan. And more and more player get those too Firmware-Updates (Version 11) der Nintendo Switch with, it is not always easy to satisfy everyone. The new button on the home screen of the Nintendo console is particularly distracting, as some fans find.

The button in question, the player find disturbing is that for Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo’s service for paid access to online gaming. Fans actually would have liked something different, like new retro games. Basically, they received advertising for the paid online service.

But the current firmware update also has its positive sides: There is an extension for the management of stored data, which makes things much easier. And we see a new section called “Trends” in which Switch player keep an eye on their Nintendo friends. There were also improvements to the screenshot creation. The positive outweighs the negative with the current firmware update of the Nintendo Switch.

You can of course get upset about anything, said the Austrian. But the “bright red” Nintendo Switch Online-Button is placed very conspicuously compared to the other function buttons on the console.

Well, it’s very “noticeable”. On the other hand, Nintendo would like to bring more of their Switch consoles online than before. After all, the service is not really expensive, at 20 euros a year (such as on as a switch download code).

Will Nintendo ever make this function button disappear again? Rather unlikely, we think. At the beginning of the year, Nintendo’s online service had over 15 million users. After Animal Crossing: New Horizons and some activities, like the button we discussed, there will be more.

When do the Game Boy classics start on the Nintendo Switch?

Together with the update, the Game Boy classics in Nintendo Switch Online should start – but so far they haven’t. To be precise, classics from Game Boy Advance could come for the Switch, rumor has it.

So far, there have only been games from NES and SNES, so Game Boy and N64 games could launch next for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

In any case, the firmware update with version 11 is now available for everyone Nintendo Switch player available. Hopefully soon with Game Boy and N64 games for Nintendo Switch Online.

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