The recipe of the week: Hut food for the living room: Bacon dumplings with mushrooms – Stuttgart


From Michael Weier

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The bacon dumplings are served with plenty of mushroom sauce.

Photo: / Weier

We cook at home – but we really miss the cuisine of the Alps, which we usually enjoyed on the ski slopes at this time of the year. Because the ski winter has been canceled so far, we bring the hut food to Stuttgart with bacon dumplings.

From Michael Weier

December 18, 2020 – 7:00 a.m.

Stuttgart – Some culinary delights absolutely need the necessary environment. The mulled wine, for example, in the illuminated stalls of a Christmas market. The red sausage tastes best on the football field. Oysters are best seasoned with a fresh sea breeze, without which retsina, this resinous wine from Greece, has long struck me as undrinkable.

The skiing holiday is far away

There is a very special atmosphere at the hut in the mountains. Of course, this also has to do with the athletic performance that people usually achieve before taking a seat there. This year, skiing holidays seem a long way off. That is why today we are bringing you a recipe with which you can conjure up a little hut feeling in your own kitchen. Kaiserschmarrn is certainly one of the most popular meals at the hut, but right behind it come all kinds of dumplings. The cheese dumplings are popular because of the pretty word, there are also spinach dumplings – and of course the bacon dumplings. These go wonderfully without being on the mountain.

If only because you can process old bread or old rolls very well here. And with a nice mushroom cream sauce, it tastes very good in Stuttgart in winter too.

The ingredients for four people

300 g bread

2 Eggs

150 g Speck

1 bunch of parsley

200 ml of milk

2 shallots

Butter, pepper and salt

For the sauce:

500 g mushrooms (mixed), for

Example king oyster mushrooms or

simple mushrooms, it is allowed

but also fine chanterelles or

Be porcini mushrooms

250 ml of cream

200 ml sour cream

1 onion

Butter, pepper and salt

The preparation

Cut the bread into small pieces, heat the milk, pour it over the bread and let it soak. Cut onion and bacon into small cubes and sauté in butter, then add chopped parsley. The ingredients shouldn’t take on any color. Mix with the bread, as well as the eggs. Spice up. If the mixture is too runny, mix in a little flour. Shape dumplings and let them steep in boiling salted water for ten minutes.

For the sauce, dice the onion and fry in butter. Add the chopped mushrooms and let them cook. Then add the cream and season. Stir in the sour cream at the very end, but then do not boil anymore.

The cooking tip

Michael Weier once learned how to make bread dumplings from a Bavarian cook. Always get your hands wet before molding, this will make the dumplings perfect.

The wine tip

Michael Weier once recommended Vernatsch to go with the bacon dumplings in South Tyrol, so you can’t go wrong with a Trollinger. The Warth winery makes a very special one, namely Bartholomäus (14.80 euros).

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