The Reimanns (RTL2): Is the family breaking up? Konny doesn’t like Jason’s girlfriend so much


The Reimanns (RTL2) are considered a sworn family. Even if Konny and Manu have not been able to see their children for months, the Reimanns stick together. Or not?

O’ahu, Hawaii – Konny (65) and Manu Reimann (52) have been living in Hawaii since 2015, more precisely on the island of O’ahu. The Reimanns are among the most famous emigrants in Germany and have been accompanied for years by “Goodbye Germany” and their own documentary “The Reimanns”. Every TV viewer knows the Reimanns as a sworn family. Manu brought Janina and Jason with him from his first marriage, Konny has long seen them as his own children. But there seems to be a problem with the attachment.

Manu, Janina, Jason and Konny Reimann

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Janina stayed in Texas with her partner, Jason still lives in Texas with his family. Much to the chagrin of Manu, who has not been able to see her children in person for months. Due to the Corona crisis, Konny and Manu Reimann are stuck in Hawaii. So the “Goodbye Germany” stars only have a virtual meeting. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for Konny – on the contrary. (Read here: Goodbye Germany (Vox): Konny and Manu Reimann are so rich)

The Reimanns: Konny gossips about Jason’s girlfriend Hunter

Manu Reimann’s children, Jason and Janina, are already married, Jason is already a family father of two. After months of waiting, Manu’s suffering is finally over. The Reimanns were finally able to visit son Jason, daughter-in-law Hunter and the two little boys Kealan Ray (6) and Oli (3).

While Manu tears from sheer joy and she has to cry in front of the TV camera, Konny Reimann looks at the whole thing rather soberly. The Reimanns are a conspiratorial bunch, Konny is the family very sacred. But the 65-year-old doesn’t seem to be very good at Hunter.

The Reimanns: Janina’s friend Coleman was well received in the family

As Janina and Jason got older, it was time to introduce their respective partners Konny and Manu Reimann. The subject of politeness is very important to Konny. Janina told her current husband Coleman he had to do this and that. The son-in-law passed with flying colors. Coleman always greeted Manu and Konny Reimann very politely and had manners at the table.

Qualities that Jason’s wife Hunter does not necessarily always display. “When Coleman comes in and says hello, that’s the most important thing. That’s why Jason’s girlfriend is not there, ”the“ Goodbye Germany ”star sums up dryly. Perhaps the daughter-in-law has learned something new and Konny has finally accepted her into the Reimann family.

The Reimanns (RTL2): All information about the series with Manuela and Konny Reimann.

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