The riddle continues: the first monolith appeared in Germany


The riddle continues
First monolith found in Germany

It all starts with an enigmatic pillar in the Utah desert. Similar metal blocks are now appearing all over the world and are disappearing as quickly as they came. Now, for the first time, there is such a monolith in Germany. As is so often the case, the author is unknown.
The mystery of the mysterious metal monoliths is widening: after the discovery – and the subsequent disappearance – of a stele in the US state of Utah, several similar objects have appeared in various places around the world, including in Germany in the Hessian Taunus community of Sulzbach. There were also reports of new monoliths today from the UK’s Isle of Wight, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and the US.

The stele in Sulzbach was on the edge of a field near a large shopping center, as photos showed. It is still unclear who placed the three-meter-tall column there, for what reason and whether there is a connection with the other steles. “It was discovered by walkers on Saturday, we cannot explain the origin,” said a spokesman for the community. The farmer of the field in the Main-Taunus-Kreis had assured that he had nothing to do with it.

Since the discovery became known, the otherwise less frequented dirt road has been much more busy than usual. However, the monolith is not supposed to stay there for long. “We’ll look at it for a maximum of three more days. If he’s not gone by then, we’ll have him disposed of,” said the community spokesman. According to his impression, it is not a high-quality material.

Spanish mayor suspects joke

Residents of the Isle of Wight discovered the slim, mirrored structure by chance while strolling on the beach on the west side of the island, as reported by British media. The British Alexia Fishwick told the PA news agency that acquaintances took her photos of the “really pretty magical” monolith for a Photoshop collage. “I’m not sure if it’s aliens, a Coldplay PR stunt, or a local mirror retailer looking to boost business – but it has drawn us all to the beach,” wrote islander DJ Rob da Bank on Twitter.

A metal pillar also appeared in the north of the Netherlands. Walkers discovered them on Sunday morning in the De Kiekenberg nature reserve near Oudehorne in the northern province of Friesland. That same evening she was gone again. Who put the object there and then picked it up again is a mystery to residents and authorities. Even the Frisians, who are considered very sober, did not rule out the possibility that the monolith could be a “sign of aliens”, as onlookers told the “Leeuwarder Courant”.

In the small Spanish town of Ayllón, about 90 kilometers northwest of Madrid, residents also found one of the metal pillars. Mayor María Jesús Sanz suspects a neighbor’s joke behind the find, as the newspaper “El Periodico” reported. The sheet metal structure erected in the ruins of a church is said to be very poor and has already been blown down several times by the wind. A message allegedly from the community that “hundreds of onlookers” had already come and that it was better to stay away from the column because of its “mysterious origin” was falsified. So far, only five neighbors have come by and burst into laughter.

Homage to Science-Fiction-Film?

According to media reports, a metal pillar was also seen in a potato field in Dendermonde, Belgium, in East Flanders. According to the Belgian broadcaster VRT, the farmer who owns the field was called anonymously on Monday evening and asked if someone could put something in his field. This was supposed to be a joke, the caller had said. The farmer was pleasantly surprised, even if he did not initially understand why the column was so striking.

In the past few days, similar structures had already appeared in the USA and Romania – and some of them disappeared only a few days later. That started a lot of guesswork on social media. Observers suspected installations by artists or an homage to the science fiction film “2001: A Space Odyssey”, in which similar objects play a role.

Isle of Wight: Local artist avows himself

The stele in Romania on the hill Batca Doamnei near Piatra Neamt in the northeast of the country was engraved with circular signs. Then the object disappeared on the night of December 1st – a night considered magical in Romanian folk beliefs. An artist collective called “The Most Famous Artist” wants to be responsible for the original monolith in Utah and the one in California, while the others could be copycat pieces. However, the origin of a stele in Pittsburgh has been clarified: the operators of a candy store said they had set it up in front of their shop to advertise the support of small shops in the corona pandemic.

Shortly after its appearance, a local designer also acknowledged the sculpture on the Isle of Wight – overwhelmed by the international response. “If the aliens were to come to earth, they would safely come to the safest place – this is the Isle of Wight with the lowest corona warning level,” the 29-year-old told the BBC.

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