The UK will vaccinate against Covid from next week


After the approval of the Pfizer Biontech vaccine in the urgent procedure, the first to protect risk groups and medical personnel.

London. Great Britain wants to be the first country in Europe to start vaccinations against Covid-19 from next week. The path to this was cleared on Wednesday morning after the competent authority MHRA approved the vaccine from Pfizer-Biontech and the government approved the recommendation. “This is great news,” said Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Great Britain is one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus, with almost 70,000 deaths caused by the disease so far.

Even before its approval, the government in London had secured 40 million doses of the vaccine developed jointly by the US company Pfizer and the German Biontech. The effectiveness of the preparation, which is based on newly developed genetic engineering (RNA vaccine, note) and immunizes the body against the virus, is 95 percent according to tests. “After months of rigorous clinical testing and analysis by our experts, we have come to the conclusion that the vaccine meets the strictest standards of safety, quality and effectiveness,” wrote the MHRA.

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