There is a massive shortage of skilled workers in Austria despite Corona


Despite Corona, the need for skilled workers in Austria is still massive. This is the result of a survey commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce (WKO). The Institute for Economic Research in Education surveyed 4,431 companies from various sectors on the subject.

Result: 62 percent feel a strong or very strong shortage of skilled workers, 58.6 percent have vacancies. Almost half of the companies feel restricted in their innovation activities as a result, 61 percent complained about a drop in sales due to a lack of skilled workers.

Strong demand for installers

A total of around 177,000 skilled workers are lacking in Austria. This compares to 466,000 unemployed and 324,000 people on short-time work. “With the right measures in the field of education and training as well as in the field of mobility, it must be possible to recruit specialists from this pool,” says WKO General Secretary Karlheinz Kopf. The highest demand is in the skilled trades. Margit Kreuzhuber, WKO’s expert in securing skilled workers, highlights some professional groups: “The demand from electrical and pipe fitters, carpenters and roofers is particularly strong.”

Possible solution: additional mobility. This becomes clear with the electrical installers. At the end of November there were 150 vacancies in Salzburg according to the WKO compared to 45 plumbers registered as unemployed, while in Vienna there were only 282 vacancies for 842 unemployed plumbers.

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