This is how the prices of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum move on Sunday | 12/20/20


The prices of the most important cyber currencies at a glance.

The Bitcoin price traded at $ 23,485.77 on Sunday. The Bitcoin price slipped below the previous day’s level of 23,867.52 US dollars.

Bitcoin Cash price rose to $ 346.69 after trading at $ 318.07 the previous day.

The Ethereum course is cheaper to 651.77 US dollars. The day before, there were $ 659.31 on the books.

The price of the digital currency Litecoin fell to US $ 117.39 on Sunday. The day before, the rate of the digital currency was put at 120.48 US dollars.

The price of the digital currency Ripple was shown little moved on Sunday at $ 0.5759. The day before, it was already at $ 0.5791.

The Cardano price was trading at $ 0.1646 on Sunday. The previous day, the Cardano was worth $ 0.1647. With this, the Cardano continues its sideways movement.

The Monero price traded at $ 154.09 on Sunday. The Monero exchange rate slipped below the previous day’s level of 156.57 US dollars.

The IOTA price is trading sideways at $ 0.3354 from the previous day’s level.

The Verge price, meanwhile, continues to hover around the $ 0.0076 mark compared to the previous day.

The Stellar course has not moved from the previous day. A Stellar is currently worth $ 0.1792. The price stood at $ 0.1819 yesterday.

The NEM price trades lighter at $ 0.2944. The previous day the price was $ 0.2981.

The Dash price rose to $ 109.67 after presenting itself at $ 109.20 the previous day.

The NEO rate rose to $ 18.01 today, compared to the previous day at $ 17.99. editors

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