This live map shows you where Santa Claus is right now


Ho, ho, ho: Santa Claus is on the way – at least virtually. On a website everyone can track where exactly in the world they are.

There’s not much going on in the air on the holidays. Because of the corona pandemic, the airlines have cut their offers significantly, significantly fewer people than usual are flying to relatives over Christmas this year.

But one of them is out and about as usual: so that all children get their presents, Santa Claus has started a big tour around the world at the North Pole. And best of all, you can see where he is.

As in previous years, the Internet platform Flightradar24 has integrated Santa’s sleigh into its web application. In addition to all other flight movements in the world, the site tracks where the sled with the flight number “SANTA1 / R3DNO5E / SLEI (HOHOHO)” is going – and when it appears in Europe.

In Germany it is on Thursday

To track Santa Claus in his sleigh at Flightradar24, just click here.

Alternatively, you can also track Santa on the website.

  1. visit the website of
  2. Enter “HoHoHo” in the search bar above.
  3. Select Santa’s flight with flight number “SANTA1 / R3DNO5E / SLEI (HOHOHO).
  4. Use the scroll function to zoom in or in to see exactly where the red sleigh with the three reindeer is on the world map.

According to the American missile defense, which initiated the Jux-Flug in 1995 and has monitored it annually since then, Santa Claus always visits the children at nightfall.

At noon on December 24th, he was still steering from the coast of Japan towards the Indian Ocean. In Europe and Germany, the sledge should appear on Thursday evening.

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