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from Sebastian Glanzer
The player HeadyAF has already leveled all twelve classes in WoW Shadowlands to level 60 after less than a week. In the stream he spoke about the best classes for leveling and how much preparation there is in this self-imposed challenge.

When you type these lines, WoW Shadowlands is less than a week old and there is already a player who has brought all classes to level 60. For those of you who have just started twinking: These are twelve level 60 characters – just to clarify that again. That should probably also be a “World First”. In any case, respect for so much perseverance.

In the Twitch clip below, the proof that HeadyAF all classes in WoW (buy now 14,99 €) Shadowlands played at level 60:

There must be a lot of preparation behind that ?!
According to their own statements, HeadyAF is except with a lot of time and 12 level 50 characters completely unprepared started in this own challenge. He also played on the Horde side and didn’t play with the blatant war mode bonus of 30 percent more XP. His characters weren’t particularly well equipped either. By the way, he didn’t choose the fastest level route either.

HeadyAF more or less set itself this challenge because in the endgame of Shadowlands there is “nothing to do” in the first week. The inciting of his WoW buddies spurred him on even more. In his stream he chatted something about the level phase. He had the most fun with the demon hunter, who is simply great for the level phase because of its damage, mobility and self-healing. In addition, the demon hunter can move quickly through the gullet and can easily tag mobs with the devil’s blade. The fastest way for the Altoholic was with the Elemental Shaman.

The tips of the level professional
If you have an item level of approx. 100-110, the new level mode Threads of Fate is more worthwhile. You rarely get armor upgrades through threads of fate. World events are not really worth it with this feature.

For solo players, HeadyAF found a class with additional healing to be a big plus, as even the “wanted quests” and the trickier tasks can easily be mastered alone. For super fast leveling, of course, the gadgets and buffs such as shooting shoes, gobling ladder kit, light-footed potion and normal healing potions are recommended.

And what’s up for HeadyAF now?
His goal is to get into the top 100 Mythic Plus players. But he doesn’t yet know with which class he wants to do this. He has a choice now …

And how many characters do you already have in WoW Shadowlands at level 60? Write to us in the comments.

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